From the Ground Up

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  • Premieret: Okt 2018
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Sæsoner 1
More Than Just a Building
Episode overview
Okt 19, 2018
Since their inception in 1960, the Raiders have never had a stadium of their own. Until now. Narrated by Dirty Jobs' Mike Rowe, From The Ground Up, takes the viewer on an unprecedented .. show full overview
Nature's Cement
Episode overview
Nov 30, 2018
Narrated by Dirty Jobs' Mike Rowe, Episode Two of From The Ground Up, adventures through the early phases of the Allegiant Stadium project with an in-depth look at how dirt and caliche .. show full overview
We Don't Like Surprises
Episode overview
Jan 16, 2019
Narrated by Dirty Jobs' Mike Rowe, Episode Three of From The Ground Up, dives into the six phases of the stadium project as it begins to take off out of the ground.
Every Little Bit of Time Counts
Episode overview
Feb 21, 2019
Narrated by Dirty Jobs' Mike Rowe, Episode Four of From The Ground Up, examines two key elements of Allegiant Stadium's main structure. With the footings in place, the building goes .. show full overview
Know Before You Go
Episode overview
Maj 16, 2019
The team continues pouring concrete decks around the perimeter of the stadium and raising the cores in preparation of the first major steel lift - over 113,000 lbs! Steel is a major .. show full overview
I Sleep Like a Baby
Episode overview
Jul 22, 2019
The entire team reflects on where they've come this past year. What's been accomplished and what is yet to come. Raiders owner Mark Davis makes an impromptu visit to the site to check on .. show full overview
We Protect Our Home
Episode overview
Sep 06, 2019
On this episode of From the Ground Up, General Manager Mike Mayock pays a visit to the Allegiant Stadium construction site to see the progress. The crew continues to work on the steel skeleton and truss columns.
Raise the Roof!
Episode overview
Okt 29, 2019
On the eighth episode of From The Ground Up, the building gets its name of Allegiant Stadium and a major milestone is reached as the final piece of steel is installed.
One Wrong Repeat...Causes Chaos!
Episode overview
Jan 01, 2020
It's all about Communication. There are so many ways to express one's thoughts, needs and desires...and on a project as complicated as this, it's something that has to be 100% right. .. show full overview
How The Forces Work
Episode overview
Mar 09, 2020
On the tenth episode of From The Ground Up, the Raiders' headquarters continues to take shape in Henderson. Meanwhile, we celebrate Women's History Month by getting to know some of the .. show full overview

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