• Score 9.1
  • Premieret: Sep 1994
  • Episodes: 236
  • Followers: 13.0k
  • Rank #54
  • Ended
  • NBC
  • Torsdag at 8


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Season 9 Discuss
The One Where No One Proposes
Sep 26, 2002
Following Rachel's acceptance of Joey's accidental proposal, confusion reigns as Rachel wonders whether it was the right thing to do and Phoebe can't seem to mind her own business. .. show full overview
The One Where Emma Cries
Okt 03, 2002
Chandler, having trouble getting enough sleep at home, falls asleep in a meeting and accidentally agrees to run his company's Tulsa office. Emma won't stop crying after Rachel .. show full overview
The One With The Pediatrician
Okt 10, 2002
Rachel's pediatrician drops her as a client because she calls him incessantly (she thinks hiccups is emergency enough for 3AM)- so now she must find a new one. Chandler and Monica discuss Tulsa.
The One with the Sharks
Okt 17, 2002
Phoebe realizes she's never had a long term relationship. Monica makes a discovery while visiting Chandler in Tulsa.
The One With Phoebe's Birthday Dinner
Okt 31, 2002
The friends are looking forward to getting together to celebrate Phoebe's birthday as it will be a rare opportunity for them to all be together. Monica plans to sleep with Chandler when .. show full overview
The One With The Male Nanny
Nov 07, 2002
Ross mocks Rachel's new male nanny. Chandler becomes upset when Monica says that somebody from her job is the funniest guy she's ever met. Phoebe and Mike exchange apartment keys, only to get a surprise visit from Phoebe's ex-boyfriend David.
The One With Ross' Inappropriate Song
Nov 14, 2002
Ross makes Emma laugh by singing Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Baby Got Back." Joey and Chandler, viewing Richard's old apartment, discover what they think is a tape of Richard having sex with .. show full overview
The One With Rachel's Other Sister
Nov 21, 2002
Rachel's sister Amy tags along for Thanksgiving at Monica's place, because her (married) boyfriend cancels their plans. While watching the parade, Joey realizes that he forgot to show up .. show full overview
The One With Rachel's Phone Number
Dec 05, 2002
Joey becomes convinced that Monica's having an affair after Chandler sneaks back into town. Rachel gives her phone number to a guy at a bar. Ross and Mike try to hang out together but it doesn't go very well.
The One With Christmas In Tulsa
Dec 12, 2002
While Chandler is stuck in Tulsa for Christmas, one of his co-workers comes onto him. A jealous Monica waits back in New York. Chandler decides to quit his job.
The One Where Rachel Goes Back To Work
Jan 09, 2003
Rachel visits work and finds out that a guy named Gavin has been "temporarily" assigned to take over her job, and she becomes desperate to get back to work right away for fear they'll .. show full overview
The One With Phoebe's Rats
Jan 16, 2003
Gavin gives Rachel a very interesting birthday gift while Ross begs Joey to stay away from Emma's hot new nanny. Meanwhile, Mike meets and then accidentally murders Phoebe's unusual pet.
The One Where Monica Sings
Jan 30, 2003
A night at Mike's piano bar gives Monica a very showy moment in the spotlight. Ross works on trying to move on after he witnesses Rachel and Gavin's kiss. Meanwhile, Chandler employs his secret skill to repair Joey's botched eyebrow-waxing job.
The One With The Blind Dates
Feb 06, 2003
Joey and Phoebe conspire to set up Rachel and Ross on their worst blind dates ever, hers being a pitiful lug, as they hope to reunite them out of mutual appreciation for what they had .. show full overview
The One With The Mugging
Feb 13, 2003
Joey endures a draining audition at the hands of a pompous actor-director. Ross and Phoebe discover a secret link after being mugged together on the street. Chandler's advertising internship gets off to an impressive start.
The One with the Boob Job
Feb 20, 2003
When Monica and Chandler are financially strapped, they both secretly ask Joey for a loan. Phoebe asks Mike to move in with her and Rachel tries to make the apartment baby-safe.
The One With The Memorial Service
Mar 13, 2003
Chandler's jokey entry on his and Ross's college website leads to a faux burial service for the allegedly dead and obviously unpopular Gellar. Joey refuses to give Emma his favorite .. show full overview
The One with the Lottery
Apr 03, 2003
The friends purchase lottery tickets in hopes to win a huge jackpot. Meanwhile, Chandler waits for a phone call that could mean a new paying job.
The One With Rachel's Dream
Apr 17, 2003
Rachel dreams about a romantic encounter with Joey after a visit to the set of "Days of Our Lives." Chandler buys a non-refundable weekend getaway for himself and Monica, but when she .. show full overview
The One With The Soap Opera Party
Apr 24, 2003
Joey doesn't tell the gang about his plans to throw a party on the roof of the building. He also hides the fact that he's invited the "Days of Our Lives" cast, since the girls embarrass .. show full overview
The One With The Fertility Test
Maj 01, 2003
Chandler and Monica court embarrassment when they secretly go to a fertility clinic for tests that will determine their family plans, until an old acquaintance runs into them. Ross .. show full overview
The One With The Donor
Maj 08, 2003
When Monica and Chandler learn of their chances for natural conception, they resort to interviewing unsuspecting male candidates to find the perfect match for one who could inseminate .. show full overview
The One in Barbados
Maj 15, 2003
The friends support Ross as he prepares for a keynote paleontological address in Barbados. Phoebe has her hands full with two suitors, David and Mike.
9x24 Sæsonafslutning
The One in Barbados
Maj 15, 2003
Rachel finally tells Joey about her crush on him. Monica and Mike compete at a game of ping pong.

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