Chef's Table

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  • Premieret: Apr 2015
  • Episodes: 34
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Season 1 Discuss
Massimo Bottura
Apr 26, 2015
By blending Italian tradition and artful modernity, chef Massimo Bottura's Osteria Francescana has been ranked the third best restaurant in the world.
Dan Barber
Apr 26, 2015
Celebrated chef, dedicated farmer and food industry revolutionary Dan Barber is leading a fight to change the way we think about, and grow, our food.
Francis Mallmann
Apr 26, 2015
From isolated Patagonian islands to French Michelin three-star restaurants, chef Francis Mallmann celebrates his wild, open-fire cooking style.
Niki Nakayama
Apr 26, 2015
In her award-winning Los Angeles restaurant N/Naka, Niki Nakayama brings equal parts creativity, passion and expertise to her kaiseki cuisine.
Ben Shewry
Apr 26, 2015
New Zealand chef Ben Shewry's strong connection with nature and dedication to finding new tastes have made his Australian restaurant Attica world famous.
1x6 Sæsonafslutning
Magnus Nilsson
Apr 26, 2015
Far from any city, far from most fresh ingredients, chef Magnus Nilsson has created one of the world’s great restaurants in frozen Järpen, Sweden.

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