Accident, Suicide, or Murder

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Season 2
Behind the Locked Door
Episode overview
Maj 09, 2020
A beautiful young woman is found in her locked apartment with 20-stab wounds. The Medical Examiner classifies her death as murder. But when the M.E. later changes the ruling to suicide, the decision forces her family into the fight of their lives.
Killer Fetish
Episode overview
Maj 16, 2020
First responders are called to the fatal shooting of a 28-year-old woman. Her estranged husband claims their bizarre sex game ended in suicide. Investigators and the victim’s family believe this was a cold-blooded murder.
Twin Tragedy
Episode overview
Maj 23, 2020
Identical twin sisters are involved in a horrific crash on the island of Maui. Miraculously, one sister survives after their car plunges over the side of a cliff. Was this a tragic accident or something more ominous?
The Missing Bullet
Episode overview
Maj 30, 2020
A man discovers the body of his fiancé with an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. Her death is ruled a suicide but authorities are puzzled when they can’t find the fatal bullet. The discovery of the missing bullet turns the case upside down.
A Shot in the Dark
Episode overview
Jun 06, 2020
A young woman is found with a fatal head wound and her hand on the shotgun. Her fiancé claims she killed herself but grieving family members insist the suicide scene was staged. The case goes cold until a new prosecutor takes a second look.
Red Sash Death
Episode overview
Jun 13, 2020
A beloved grandmother is found with a red bathrobe sash knotted around her neck. Her death looks like suicide until the Medical Examiner rules homicide. The victim’s 76-year-old husband is charged with murder but the case takes a surprising turn.
Deadly Crash
Episode overview
Jun 20, 2020
A car crash on a rural highway leaves one woman dead while her husband walks away unscathed. It appears to be a tragic accident. Still, one state trooper can’t shake the feeling the crash is anything but routine.
In The Fire
Episode overview
Jun 27, 2020
Firefighters discover the charred remains of a young wife and mother but the flames didn’t kill her. She sustained a gunshot wound to the head and the evidence points to suicide. Loved ones argue it’s a case of murder.
The Cops Wife
Episode overview
Jul 04, 2020
A police officer discovers his young wife with a fatal gunshot wound from his service weapon and her death is ruled a suicide; investigators uncover a shocking story.
Dead In The Water
Episode overview
Jul 11, 2020
A husband discovers his wife face down in their bathtub. Her death appears to be an accident but questions are raised about how she drowned. Was it a drug overdose? Did she slip and fall? The investigation exposes the disturbing truth.
Young Deadly Love
Episode overview
Jul 18, 2020
A young man calls 911 to report his fiancé fatally shot herself in their bed. Her family insists she would never take her own life. The investigation drags on for years until an unexpected development leads to a stunning conclusion.
Death In A Small Town
Episode overview
Jul 25, 2020
An 80-year-old woman is found in her home lying in a pool of blood. Her death is ruled an accident, but her family suspects foul play. In a tight-knit community where neighbors look out for each other, who would want to hurt a beloved grandmother?
Deadly Betrayal
Episode overview
Aug 01, 2020
This episode has no summary.

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