Wild Australia

  • Premiere: Aug 2014
  • Episoden: 4
  • Anhänger: 2
  • Geendet
  • National Geographic Wild
  • Dienstag um 16
  • Documentary


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Staffel 1
Desert of the Red Kangaroo
Episode overview
Aug 05, 2014
In the heart of the Outback lives the largest marsupial on Earth, the red kangaroo. Living in such an inhospitable environment with drought, blistering heat and little food, requires .. show full overview
Jurassic Jungle
Episode overview
Aug 12, 2014
The most mysterious area of Australia is perhaps the tropical north, a mostly concealed realm home to tree climbing kangaroos and swamp dwelling 'salties', some of the largest crocodiles .. show full overview
Realm of the Wombat
Episode overview
Aug 19, 2014
In the theatrical southern plains of Australia, the biggest challenge for all creatures is the environment, and the harshest season is summer. Here lives the wombat, a species with a .. show full overview
1x4 Serienfinale
Koala Forest
Episode overview
Aug 26, 2014
The eucalyptus forests of Eastern Australia are famously home to koalas, but there is more to the lush woodland than meets the eye. In the undergrowth, strange birds build elaborate .. show full overview

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