This Duckburg Life

  • Premiere: Mär 2021
  • Episoden: 7
  • Anhänger: 0
  • Geendet
  • Disney XD
  • um 0
  • Animation Children Comedy Family Podcast


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Staffel 1
Adventure Calls
Episode overview
Mär 29, 2021
Huey introduces the most insane story you’ve ever heard completely told through Launchpad’s answering machine. When Launchpad forgets to pick up Dewey and Louie from Funso's Funzone, .. show full overview
Narratron 3000
Episode overview
Apr 05, 2021
Gyro Gearloose is Duckburg’s most brilliant inventor, and today he’s showing off his latest invention—a mind-reading helmet called the Narratron 3000, which Gyro tests out on Mrs. .. show full overview
Louie Sells Out
Episode overview
Apr 12, 2021
When Huey dedicates an entire episode to his study of the Duckburg Bark Beetle, Louie interrupts with endless commercials in a shameless attempt to get rich off the sponsors.
Ghost Library
Episode overview
Apr 19, 2021
Five hundred years ago, Duckburg’s oldest library burned to the ground. Now, every hundred years, the “ghost of the library” appears for thirteen minutes and houses books that have only .. show full overview
The Framing of Flintheart Glomgold
Episode overview
Apr 26, 2021
When sharks are dropped on Scrooge’s water park, Flintheart Glomgold is immediately arrested for the crime. But when Huey receives a collect call from Duckburg Jail, Glomgold's unbelievable story of innocence might just be true.
Out to Lunch
Episode overview
Mai 03, 2021
Launchpad McQuack's life is turned upside-down when his favorite burrito shop turns into a sushi restaurant. But who could foresee the consequences when Launchpad forms a special friendship with the Sushi Shenanigans drive-thru voice.
Beagle Day
Episode overview
Mai 10, 2021
Every year the infamous crime family, the Beagle Boys, throw a Scrooge-hating festival in their junkyard called “Beagle Day.” But when the Beagle Boys steal Scrooge’s top hat for their .. show full overview

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