Queen of Mystery

  • Punktestand 8.0
  • Premiere: Apr 2017
  • Episoden: 32
  • Anhänger: 6
  • Rang #11285
  • Geendet
  • KBS TV2
  • Mittwoch um 10


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Staffel 2
Don’t Go Ruining Things
Episode overview
Feb 28, 2018
Seol Ok fakes a wedding to catch a swindler who only targets on a bride-to-be without a mother. Wan Seung and Seol Ok team up to catch a gang of swindlers that organizes a marriage .. show full overview
Team up with Me
Episode overview
Mär 01, 2018
Seok Ok fails the police examination once again, but she doesn't get discour-aged. After the news of her catching a marriage fraud gets spread, she gets ap-pointed as an honorary citizen .. show full overview
Mysterious Arsonist
Episode overview
Mär 07, 2018
Someone sets fire to Wan Seung's house when the serial arsonist has been caught already. Seol Ok is sure that there's more than just one arsonist. Seol Ok starts investigating on the .. show full overview
What the Laws Can’t Do
Episode overview
Mär 08, 2018
The culprit responsible for setting fire to Wan Seung's house turns out to be a little boy named Won Jae. As a copycat of Na Jin Tae, Won Jae tries to set fire to a truck. When he misses .. show full overview
Who Killed Mr. Chairman?
Episode overview
Mär 14, 2018
Seol Ok starts studying in Noryang-dong where hundreds of examinees gather to study for various exams. As she is determined to study hard and pass the po-lice examination, she begins her .. show full overview
I Smell Something Fishy
Episode overview
Mär 15, 2018
The suspect of the murder that occurred in Noryang-dong turns out to be Seol Ok's classmate, Yoon Mi Joo. The victim is the owner of the store where Seol Ok had an argument. Seol Ok .. show full overview
The Orange
Episode overview
Mär 21, 2018
Wan Seung and Seol Ok perfectly solve the murder case of Lee Wang Sik. They manage to catch the real murderer and set Yoon Mi Joo free. Seol Ok has to focus on her studies again, so she .. show full overview
A Mysterious Serial Murder Case
Episode overview
Mär 22, 2018
Seol Ok meets Mi Joo in Cheongryul Institution who also enrolled herself to study. Mysterious murders occur there, but the culprit has never been caught on the surveillance cameras. The .. show full overview
Where Is the Ring?
Episode overview
Mär 28, 2018
Seol Ok finds crucial evidence to the murder of three people that occurred at the boarding institution. Just like the arson case, it has something to do with cigarettes. After Seok Ok .. show full overview
The First Day
Episode overview
Mär 29, 2018
Seol Ok and Wan Seung keep looking for the ring they lost on the day they were completely drunk. They barely remember where it disappeared, but thanks to Kyung Mi's memory, Seol Ok .. show full overview
Seol Ok and Her Fan Club
Episode overview
Apr 04, 2018
Seol Ok looks for a room for Wan Seung to stay, and she signs a room that's owned by Inspector Woo. Ji Seung has a hard time going through the restructuring of Ha and Jung Law Firm. .. show full overview
I Need Your Help
Episode overview
Apr 05, 2018
Seol Ok finds out that Sung Woo was in charge of the missing case from seven years ago. To get more information regarding the case from Sung Woo, she follows him everywhere. Meanwhile, .. show full overview
An Unexpected Encounter
Episode overview
Apr 11, 2018
Seol Ok and Wan Seung search the scene that seems suspicious and find a knife that has a blood stain on it. However, the victim is nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, Seol Ok gives Wan Seung .. show full overview
The True Identities
Episode overview
Apr 12, 2018
Seol Ok begins an investigation on the pervert that roams in the neighborhood with the members of Unit Two. Based on the testimonies of the victims, Wan Seung and Seol Ok find the alley .. show full overview
Finding Mi Joo’s Traces
Episode overview
Apr 18, 2018
Seol Ok begins an investigation on the murder of Mi Joo with Violent Crimes Unit Two. The student who blackmailed Ji Seung with his past gets Secretary Kim involved. Secretary Kim .. show full overview
2x16 Serienfinale
The Identity of Secretary Kim
Episode overview
Apr 19, 2018
Si Hwan is found dead with a suicide note, but Seol Ok and Wan Seung think he was murdered. They search every corner of Si Hwan's room to find the evi-dence that'll solve the mystery of .. show full overview

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