• Premiere: Sep 1973
  • Episoden: 16
  • Anhänger: 2
  • Geendet
  • CBS
  • Unbekannt
  • Animation Children Comedy


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Staffel 1
Surf's Up
Episode overview
Sep 08, 1973
Corey has Aggie for his partner at the surfing contest. Jeannie gets jealous and attempts to split Corey's partnership with Aggie even swiping Corey's math exam paper. However Aggie .. show full overview
The Decathlon
Episode overview
Sep 15, 1973
Corey and Henry and working out for athletics for a competition versus military academy. Henry and Corey are convinced their diet is helping them, not noticing Jeannie's magic tricks. .. show full overview
The Great Ski Robbery
Episode overview
Sep 22, 1973
Henry and Corey go to work at a ski resort diner, making sure Jeannie doesn't come with them. Their job is harder than expected. After helping them, Jeannie finds out she's been tricked .. show full overview
Survival Course
Episode overview
Sep 29, 1973
Corey and Henry are signing up for the Flora and Fauna field trip but an envious Jeannie makes sure they go on the Survival Course field trip. Corey and Henry do their best to use .. show full overview
The Power Failure
Episode overview
Okt 06, 1973
Corey and Henry are going to drive their new motorcycle and meet Darlene Connway. In an envious state, Jeannie makes off with the motorcycle going to a beauty salon but loses her .. show full overview
The Dognappers
Episode overview
Okt 13, 1973
Corey and Henry start up a dogsitting service leaving Jeannie to take extra care of the show dog Fifi. When Fifi's owner comes to reclaim her, Jeannie and Babu come back thinking Fifi .. show full overview
The Pigeon
Episode overview
Okt 20, 1973
Before Corey and Henry have a chance to ready their new racing pigeon, she lays an egg so they're stuck with the scaredy pigeon Mervin whose abilities don't meet up with a champion .. show full overview
Helen of Troy
Episode overview
Okt 27, 1973
With the town library out of commission, Corey has no way to do research for his term project on Helen of Troy. When Jeannie brings Helen to Corey, she becomes jealous as the two get .. show full overview
The Sailors
Episode overview
Nov 03, 1973
Corey and Henry are entering a race in their sail boat with a girl called Barbie instead Jeannie. Jeannie makes Barbie's stay short lived and takes her place in Corey's crew but gets .. show full overview
The Kid Brother
Episode overview
Nov 10, 1973
Corey is going with Linda to babysit her younger brother Billy. Unfortunately Billy catches sight of Jeannie floating and tries hard to get proof of her existence, all the while blabbing .. show full overview
The Blind Date
Episode overview
Nov 17, 1973
After a trip to the amusement park, Henry notifies Corey that his cousin Bunny is coming over, but Corey doesn't feel up to a blind date until she comes faced round. At a carnival Babu .. show full overview
The Commercial
Episode overview
Nov 24, 1973
Jeannie helps Corey to enter a contest which to his surprise becomes the winner of. However in order to earn a place in a four year college course, he has got to go for a commercial, .. show full overview
Don Juan
Episode overview
Dez 01, 1973
Corey and Henry plan to ask some girls to dance with them tonight at a costume party. Because of Henry's shyness Jeannie casts a charm on Henry getting him a lot of attention from a .. show full overview
The Dog
Episode overview
Dez 08, 1973
Jeannie is assigned by Hadji to look after his genie dog Salome. Salome interferes with Corey date. Jeannie tries to send Salome away but the dog swipes Hadji's golden cup and Hadji .. show full overview
The Jinx
Episode overview
Dez 15, 1973
After many accidents Babu blames himself thinking he's a genie jinx. Babu decides to go away, taking Jeannie's bottle with him. With pleading, Jeannie oblidges Hadji to track Babu. .. show full overview
1x16 Serienfinale
The Wish
Episode overview
Dez 22, 1973
After Corey's victorious football tournament, Henry feels outdone and lacking potential success. Jeannie grants for Henry on his birthday a wish that gets his and Corey bodies swapped. .. show full overview

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