Get Shorty

  • Punktestand 7.0
  • Premiere: Aug 2017
  • Episoden: 27
  • Anhänger: 142
  • Rang #2095
  • Laufend
  • EPIX
  • Sonntag um 10


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Staffel 3
What To Do When You Land
Episode overview
Okt 06, 2019
News travels fast that Miles Daley has been released from prison. And he has a plan for revenge.
Dark Roast, Oat Milk, Two Splendas
Episode overview
Okt 13, 2019
Miles settles into his assistant job at Budd E. Boy Productions, arousing suspicion and fear in Laurence. Rick calls Miles, Louis and Yago to a secret meeting.
Strong Move
Episode overview
Okt 20, 2019
Rick gives his script to his judgmental father for notes and gets an unexpected response. Miles does business with the cartels, while helping his daughter's friend evade the vengeance of a dangerous gang.
What Else Did God Say?
Episode overview
Okt 27, 2019
Rick comes to terms with the realization that Amara is alive and back in L.A.. Miles pretends to help Laurence with his HR problem before it leaks to the press.
The Stick
Episode overview
Nov 03, 2019
Miles nearly brings his long term plan to fruition, Rick gives Amara an ultimatum and Louis surprises Gladys in New York.
Tomorrow They Light Me On Fire
Episode overview
Nov 10, 2019
A botched hit puts Capotillo in danger and everyone seems worried except Amara. Detectives investigate a supposed suicide, putting Miles on edge.
3x7 Staffelfinale
Should Not Throw Stones
Episode overview
Nov 17, 2019
Miles is questioned by detectives. Rick connects with a long-lost friend and finds comfort at a very 'loving' commune. Yago and Ed search out Amara's hidden stash. Season finale.

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