Games People Play

  • Premiere: Apr 2019
  • Episoden: 20
  • Anhänger: 11
  • Laufend
  • BET
  • Dienstag um 22
  • Drama Sport Suspense


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Staffel 2
I Saw What You Did
Episode overview
Okt 19, 2021
Kareem’s mom reveals a family secret, Laila has a change of fortune, Nia gets a mysterious package, new evidence surfaces in Kalinda’s murder case, and Vanessa gives Marques troubling news.
Gone Girl
Episode overview
Okt 26, 2021
Marques’s dad comes to take care of him with Vanessa gone, Quanisha pressures Kareem to use his connections for their wedding, and Eric’s conspiracy theory gets him in trouble with Nia.
Love and Basketball
Episode overview
Nov 02, 2021
Marques has trouble focusing on the court while his daughter is still missing, a mysterious package sends Eric down a conspiracy rabbit hole, and Nia hits it off with Laila’s new co-star.
Lost and Found
Episode overview
Nov 09, 2021
Nia learns that Eric’s conspiracy theories may have had some validity, Kareem gets an opportunity from the Vipers, and Marques adjusts to playing with the team’s new superstar.
All In
Episode overview
Nov 16, 2021
Laila is unnerved by an unwelcome visitor from her past, Marques and Eden’s relationship heats up, Kareem gets a taste of his own medicine, and Nia’s investigation takes a strange turn.
The Game Catches Everyone
Episode overview
Nov 23, 2021
Marques turns to Eden after lashing out at the paparazzi, Laila faces pressure from Jason’s lawyer, Quanisha struggles to win over Kareem’s mom, and Nia’s research puts her and MJ in danger.
There’s No Place Like Home
Episode overview
Nov 30, 2021
Marques brings the crew back to his hometown when his high school jersey number gets retired, MJ gets drawn deeper into a world of conspiracies, and Laila feels judged by Nia.
Undercover Brother
Episode overview
Dez 07, 2021
An on-air incident puts Kareem’s job in jeopardy, Marques fears potential backlash against his relationship with Eden, and a discovery leaves Nia questioning MJ’s loyalty.
Truth and Consequences
Episode overview
Dez 14, 2021
Laila worries her come-up is an exchange for her silence, Nia helps the LAPD catch Eric’s killer, Kareem learns of his father’s deception, and Marques gets a surprise at Eden’s family home.
The Greater Good
Episode overview
Dez 21, 2021
Kareem and Quanisha celebrate their wedding day, Eden presents Marques with information that could change everything for him, and MJ faces dire consequences when he tries to do right by Nia.

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