Terrace House: Boys × Girls Next Door

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  • Estreou: Out 2012
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Temporada 8 Discuss
Exibido em:
Jul 07, 2014
Ippei and his comedy partner Manpei have prepared exclusive jokes for their solo live show today. Their future as a comedy duo is in question.
Sun-Tanned Girl
Exibido em:
Jul 14, 2014
Ippei leaves after resolving his crisis with his buddy. Frankie decides to move on too. A beautiful new member comes and a new love story begins.
Your Love Is Not Real
Exibido em:
Jul 21, 2014
A beautiful new girl comes into the house. She asks Kenya if there is someone he likes but he says he doesn’t know yet. Then, a new guy shows up.
True Color Reveals
Exibido em:
Jul 28, 2014
Seina is keen to hear what type of girl new member Daiki likes, but he and Michiko seem to click. Kenya tells Ryoko how he feels.
Love Square
Exibido em:
Ago 04, 2014
Michiko’s swimsuit wows the boys. Kenya confesses his interest in Michiko, but she shows mixed feelings when he asks her out.
None of Your Business
Exibido em:
Ago 11, 2014
Unable to fit in, Ryoko tells Seina and Michiko she’s keeping her distance. Michiko and Kenya, Seina and Daiki have first dates at the fireworks.
Bravery in Vain
Exibido em:
Ago 18, 2014
Michiko is starting to open up to Kenya. Bottled up Ryoko finally tells how hurt she was. Daiki suddenly asks Seina out on a date.
Shaking Hands Again
Exibido em:
Ago 25, 2014
Yosuke points out Kenya’s noncommittal attitude in the triangle with Ryoko and Michiko, so he talks to Ryoko. Daiki and Seina go to Hakone on a date.
Nothing Lasts Forever
Exibido em:
Set 01, 2014
Seina and Daiki spend some intense time alone together on a date in Hakone. The end of Terrace House is announced. Michiko waits for Kenya to return.
A Penultimate Confession of Love
Exibido em:
Set 08, 2014
Alone with Ryoko, Michiko tells her she’s thinking of dating Kenya. After his match, Kenya tells Michiko he really likes her.
Remain in the House to the End
Exibido em:
Set 15, 2014
Michiko responds to Kenya's declaration of his feelings. It's unclear if Tetsuya is ready to leave the house. Daiki asks Seina out on a date.
Leading Actress
Exibido em:
Set 22, 2014
Daiki gives Seina a special bottle of wine. Seeing the words “I Love You” engraved on it, Seina defers a reply, but asks Daiki out a few days later.
8x13 Final da Série
Bye Bye Terrace House
Exibido em:
Set 29, 2014
Ryoko, Kenya and Michiko leave the house as time winds down. Seina plans to see Daiki off first so she can spend the last night with Tetsuya.

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