Friday Night Dinner

  • Nota 8.8
  • Estreou: Fev 2011
  • Episódios: 37
  • Seguidores: 421
  • Classificação #1095
  • Em exibição
  • Channel 4
  • Sexta-Feira às 10


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Temporada 6
The Caravan
Episode overview
Exibido em:
Mar 27, 2020
Dad's bought a grotty caravan. Jim's got a new dog. And the boys have new 'females' but can they bear to tell Mum?
The Plastic Bag
Episode overview
Exibido em:
Abr 03, 2020
Dad's obsessed with retrieving a plastic bag from a tree. Jonny's sense of style is out of this world. And Adam discovers hell hath no fury like his Mum scorned.
The Au Pair
Episode overview
Exibido em:
Abr 10, 2020
The family's cream-tea-obsessed former au pair pays the Goodmans a surprise visit. But there's nothing sweet about this reunion.
Dad's Birthday
Episode overview
Exibido em:
Abr 17, 2020
Dad has the birthday blues - not only has he worked out the date he's going to die, but then 'Horrible Grandma' turns up uninvited. Can Jim's magic do the trick?
The Cage
Episode overview
Exibido em:
Abr 24, 2020
Jim sets up a giant dog cage for Milson in the Goodmans' living room, and Aunty Val's got a hot date with a 'sex robot'.
6x6 Final da Temporada
The Females
Episode overview
Exibido em:
Mai 01, 2020
Adam and Jonny bring their 'females' home to meet the parents. Cue an overexcited Mum and an extremely embarrassing Dad.

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