• Estreou: Set 2005
  • Episódios: 42
  • Seguidores: 5
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  • Animation Children Comedy Family


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Temporada 2
Extremely Made-over
Episode overview
Exibido em:
Fev 04, 2008
The Bratz think they've hired the perfect office assistant until they discover the shy girl, Prudence, is an undercover agent for Burdine, sent to steal the Bratz' latest interview! then the Bratz want her to get out of her sight forever.
The Cloe Life
Episode overview
Exibido em:
Fev 05, 2008
Porsha an interviewer goes to he Bratz school and picks Cloe to interview and she is doing an interview which she call the Cloe life. And Porsha decides to supposedly recommend Cloe for .. show full overview
The Bratz 500
Episode overview
Exibido em:
Fev 06, 2008
Byron asks the Bratz if they would help him with another mission to figure out who is stealing jewelry that is in the rally 500 race. So Byron told the girls that Liam, top teen racer, .. show full overview
A Little Diss, A Little Dat
Episode overview
Exibido em:
Fev 07, 2008
This episode has no summary.
A Sporting Chance
Episode overview
Exibido em:
Fev 08, 2008
The Bratz are enlisted to solve the mystery of a synchronized swimming team's missing mascot goat. The Bratz find the goat, but then are confronted by dissention in the ranks when Yasmin refuses to take him back — she's opposed to exploiting animals.
Transparently Yours
Episode overview
Exibido em:
Fev 11, 2008
Byron trust the girls to keep an eye on a case that contains an invisibility formula and Jade and Sasha spray it on themselves and when it wears off they are locked in a room with Burdine's sister, Burdine, Kirsty and Kasey.
Miss Fortune
Episode overview
Exibido em:
Fev 12, 2008
The Bratz were having a really bad day, but when Cloe wishes that they could have good luck and a wind carries Sasha's ticket and they chase after them and there they meet a strange lady .. show full overview
Bratz Fail
Episode overview
Exibido em:
Fev 13, 2008
The Bratz just came back from a mission and they missed their finals so their gym teacher, who is working for Burdine, gave them all F's. So, the Bratz take this matter to the principal .. show full overview
Bratz vs. Bratz
Episode overview
Exibido em:
Fev 14, 2008
A fashion designer named Jules is going to let a magazine have one of his adds in there magazine. The Bratz is one of the magazine and so is Your Thing magazine. But when Jules nanny had .. show full overview
Inner Beauty Queen
Episode overview
Exibido em:
Fev 15, 2008
Yasmin is elected prom queen and is stressing to find a date to the dance.
Alien Encounters
Episode overview
Exibido em:
Fev 18, 2008
Sasha wants to make a big difference in the world she gets the chance when Stiles High is infiltrated by aliens. But it turns out the only way Sasha can make a difference is by letting .. show full overview
Rescue Askew
Episode overview
Exibido em:
Fev 19, 2008
Byron is taken prisoner and he calls the Bratz for help. But they discover that he's also called a teenage boy agent they've never heard of. When both the Bratz and the boy insist that .. show full overview
Bye-Bye Burdine
Episode overview
Exibido em:
Fev 20, 2008
Burdine is wrongly detained at a Luxenstein prison when her tiara is mistaken for the stolen crown jewels. In her absence, the Tweevils take over Your Thing Magazine. They fill the .. show full overview
The Great Melting Pot
Episode overview
Exibido em:
Fev 21, 2008
The Bratz struggle to cook up a classic French meal for famed costume designer Jean-Paul and his friend the Viscount. But as Jean Paul nears Stilesville, he announces that they want a .. show full overview
The Chronicles of Karma
Episode overview
Exibido em:
Fev 22, 2008
A discussion about karma leads Sasha, Cloe and Jade to try and do good deeds in hopes that good things will happen to them in return. They fail, because their motives are selfish. .. show full overview
The Life of Byron
Episode overview
Exibido em:
Fev 25, 2008
When Byron invites the Bratz to London for an awards bash, they quickly find it's a trap - Byron's been kidnapped by another Byron. A villain has had plastic surgery to look just like .. show full overview
2x17 Final da Série
Much Ado About Practically Nothing
Episode overview
Exibido em:
Fev 26, 2008
A mysterious bow found laying on Jade's desk causes trouble left and right.

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