Africa (2013)

  • Nota 9.4
  • Estreou: Jan 2013
  • Episódios: 6
  • Seguidores: 135
  • Classificação #2126
  • Finalizada
  • BBC One
  • Quarta-Feira às 9


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Temporada 1
Episode overview
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Jan 02, 2013
David Attenborough takes a breathtaking journey through the vast and diverse continent of Africa as it has never been seen before. In Africa's ancient south west corner, two .. show full overview
Episode overview
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Jan 09, 2013
East Africa is a land which is constantly changing. To survive here, creatures must be able to deal with unpredictable twists and turns - wet turning to dry, feast to famine, cold to hot .. show full overview
Episode overview
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Jan 16, 2013
The very heart of Africa is covered in dense tropical rainforest. The animals that live here find the most ingenious ways to carve out their space in a claustrophobic landscape. Danger .. show full overview
Episode overview
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Jan 23, 2013
Southern Africa is a riot of life and color because of two great ocean currents that sweep around the continent's Cape. To the east, the warm Agulhas current generates clouds that .. show full overview
Episode overview
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Jan 30, 2013
Northern Africa is home to the greatest desert on Earth, the Sahara. On the fringes, huge zebras battle over dwindling resources and naked mole rats avoid the heat by living a bizarre .. show full overview
1x6 Final da Série
The Future
Episode overview
Exibido em:
Fev 06, 2013
David finds out more about the realities of rhino poaching first hand and examines the challenges elephants face with an increasing human population encroaching on their habitat. He .. show full overview

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