Vis a Vis: El Oasis

  • Puan 0.0
  • Prömiyeri: Nis 2020
  • Bölümler: 9
  • Takipçiler: 51
  • Derece #3544
  • Bitti
  • Fox España
  • Pazartesi saat 10


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Sezon 1 Discuss
Como esos matrimonios que antes de separarse tienen un hijo
Yayınlanma tarihi
Nis 20, 2020
This episode has no summary.
The Wedding
Yayınlanma tarihi
Nis 27, 2020
The coup was not as planned. Everything went off, after a shooting, but the whole gang managed to escape. Maca and Flaca are the first to arrive at the El Oasis hotel, run by a .. show full overview
Like Mother's Love
Yayınlanma tarihi
May 04, 2020
This episode has no summary.
Equals or Nothing
Yayınlanma tarihi
May 11, 2020
Maca discovers who Ama really is and suddenly some puzzle pieces start to fit. While Zulema is with the police ready to do anything to achieve their goal. Apolo, Flaca's boyfriend, has .. show full overview
The Mosquitos Life
Yayınlanma tarihi
May 18, 2020
Maca tries to flee again from Cepo's hand. A comment from Cepo makes Maca return to El Oasis. There, Goya, Triana and Mónica fed up with Zulema mount a riot but Maca arrives just in time .. show full overview
Hate Sentimentality
Yayınlanma tarihi
May 25, 2020
Ramala and his men go to The Oasis. Zulema, Goya and Triana decide to continue with the initial plan and Maca and Mónica leave El Oasis. One of the boys suffers bullyng and is on the .. show full overview
The Red Line
Yayınlanma tarihi
Haz 01, 2020
Ramala has El Oasis fenced. He has Maca and proposes an exchange for his daughter Kati, however, Zulema refuses. After a strong discussion with Goya and an internal fight, Zulema agrees to the exchange.
1x8 Dizi finali
Who Was Zulema Zahir?
Yayınlanma tarihi
Haz 08, 2020
This episode has no summary.
Episode 1
Yayınlanma tarihi
Ara 31, 2020
This episode has no summary.

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