The Amazing Race

  • Puan 8.3
  • Prömiyeri: Eyl 2001
  • Bölümler: 371
  • Takipçiler: 1975
  • Derece #364
  • Devam eden
  • CBS
  • Çarşamba saat 8


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Sezon 31 Discuss
You're in Our Race Now
Yayınlanma tarihi
Nis 17, 2019
The 11 teams consist of memorable and competitive players from prior seasons of The Amazing Race, Survivor, and Big Brother.
Knock the Newbie Out of Us
Yayınlanma tarihi
Nis 24, 2019
Racers have a big decision to make when they face a surprise double U-turn in Laos.
Here Fishy, Fishy, Fishy
Yayınlanma tarihi
May 01, 2019
Teams travel to Vietnam where they must master synchronized dancing, karaoke singing, and fishing for prawns.
I Took Out a Polar Bear
Yayınlanma tarihi
May 08, 2019
Enemies are made when one team steals another team’s taxi in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.
I'm a Bird, I'm a Plane, I'm on The Amazing Race!
Yayınlanma tarihi
May 22, 2019
Teams take a leap of faith when choosing which detour challenge to take on, and a split-second decision may make or break one team’s life in the race.
Who Wants a Rolex?
Yayınlanma tarihi
May 22, 2019
Teams must drum up strength for an intense head-to-head battle.
Living Fearlessly
Yayınlanma tarihi
May 29, 2019
Teams travel to Switzerland where they free-fall over 400 feet into the Gletscherschlucht Glacier Gorge.
You're The Apple In My Eye
Yayınlanma tarihi
Haz 05, 2019
While in Switzerland, teams are surprised with the first ever public U-turn vote, where racers have to vote in front of each other.
Let's Split!
Yayınlanma tarihi
Haz 12, 2019
Teams take a bumpy ride in Split, Croatia, and try not to get tongue-tied reciting poetry while in motion.
Chugga Chugga Choo Choo!
Yayınlanma tarihi
Haz 19, 2019
The final 5 teams try not to crack while transporting eggs across town by bicycle in the Netherlands.
This One is For One Million Dollars (1)
Yayınlanma tarihi
Haz 26, 2019
The final 4 teams Race through London, where they take a helicopter ride to Dover Castle.
31x12 Sezon finali
This One is For One Million Dollars (2)
Yayınlanma tarihi
Haz 26, 2019
With the $1 million on the line, the final 3 teams race through Detroit, where they rappel nearly 500 feet down the Guardian Building. The team to cross the finish line first will be crowned the winners.

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