All Creatures Great and Small (2020)

  • Puan 0.0
  • Prömiyeri: Eyl 2020
  • Bölümler: 6
  • Takipçiler: 22
  • Derece #5744
  • Devam eden
  • Channel 5 (UK)
  • Salı saat 9


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Sezon 1
You've Got to Dream
Episode overview
Yayınlanma tarihi
Eyl 01, 2020
Fresh out of veterinary college in 1937, James Herriot struggles to find work in his Depression-struck home town of Glasgow. Seeking new opportunities, he pursues a position in the .. show full overview
Another Farnon?
Episode overview
Yayınlanma tarihi
Eyl 08, 2020
Skeldale House descends into chaos with the arrival of Siegfried's wayward brother Tristan. Helen provides James with a reason to stay in the Dales.
Episode overview
Yayınlanma tarihi
Eyl 15, 2020
Tristan sets about collecting debts owed to the surgery and takes a shine to Maggie, the new barmaid at The Drovers. Siegfried hopes to bag the job of Attending Vet at Darrowby .. show full overview
A Tricki Case
Episode overview
Yayınlanma tarihi
Eyl 22, 2020
James is forced to take in Mrs Pumphrey's pampered Pekingese. Tristan prepares to return to university, but needs Siegfried's help to pay for his accommodation, but Siegfried insists he .. show full overview
All's Fair
Episode overview
Yayınlanma tarihi
Eyl 29, 2020
James is appointed as attending vet at the Darrowby Show. James finds himself surrounded by pushy farmers offering bribes to help them cheat their way to victory and faces a dilemma when .. show full overview
A Cure for All Ills
Episode overview
Yayınlanma tarihi
Eki 06, 2020
James' workload doubles when Siegfried takes ill during a harsh winter. Mrs Hall discovers it is James' birthday, and Tristan tries his best to cheer him up by arranging a double date.

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