YuruYuri: Happy Go Lily

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  • Premiered: Jul 2011
  • Episodes: 36
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Season 3 Discuss
It is the Beginning of Amusement
Air date
Oct 05, 2015
Yuru Yuri's protagonist Akaza Akari here!! Yuri Yuri has returned to TV! Since summer vacation is over and school is starting, I hope to have lots of fun with the members of the Amusement Club! Now let's head to the club room!
Tremble in Fear
Air date
Oct 12, 2015
S-Sugiura Ayano here! No one told me it was my turn to do this! I'm glad to be back here with everyone. I-I didn't come back here for you! But thanks for waiting! Huh? My mom's calling me. What could it be...?
No Self-Awareness
Air date
Oct 19, 2015
Tada! Omuro Sakurako-sama has arrived! Has everyone been doing well? I'm always full of energy! Come to think of it, the other day I studied with Himawari. I think Himawari's... uh... .. show full overview
The Night Will Bring Them Together
Air date
Oct 26, 2015
Hello, everyone. This is Akari's sister Akaza Akane. Thank you for looking after Akari. Akari's so cute. She's always such an angel. She's the apple of my eye. I could do this to Akari's .. show full overview
The Girl Falls Into Darkness
Air date
Nov 02, 2015
Ikeda Chitose here. I'm glad to see everyone again. Also, Ayano-chan and Toshino-san have already shown me so much already... It's great fodder for my fantasies. Oh, no. My nose is .. show full overview
The Invisible Face is There
Air date
Nov 09, 2015
Yoshikawa Chinatsu here. Seeing Yui-senpai doing this and that, I'm just... overjoyed! I suppose I can let the rest of you take a peek as well! I've invited Yui-senpai to my house again today. I'd better dress myself up!
It Will Be an Unforgettable Day
Air date
Nov 16, 2015
Ha ha ha! Yuru Yuri's true protagonist Toshino Kyoko here! I know I'm a bit late, but did everyone wait like good girls and boys? The Amusement Club is off to defeat new enemies, so come along! What? That's not in the script? Too bad.
It Is the Piece of a Smile Everyone Acquires
Air date
Nov 23, 2015
Student council president Matsumoto Rise here. I'm glad to see all of you. Since I apparently have a turn as well, I'd appreciate your continued support. Come to think of it, Nishigaki-sensei has a new colleague. I hope you'll enjoy it.
This is the Story of a Little Love and Courage
Air date
Nov 30, 2015
Ikeda Chizuru here. I guess I'm gratefull to see you again. Tsk! Anyway, she had to get involved and make things complicated again... Sheesh. I'm not mad because I want to be, but... Sometimes I wish I could smile like my sister.
With You, Forever
Air date
Dec 07, 2015
Funami Yui here. I'm glad to see you all again. Kyoko still isn't doing her homework and still causes trouble by bringing weird things to school... But with Akari, Chinatsu-chan, and .. show full overview
Terrible No Matter How Much You Struggle
Air date
Dec 14, 2015
Good to see you again, everyone. Furutani Himawari here. I thought we'd finally get to be together again, but time flies, doesn't it? And... it seems Sakurako is causing more trouble. I need to look after her...
3x12 Show finale
Cherry Blossoms in Full Bloom and a Romantic Storm
Air date
Dec 21, 2015
Yuru Yuri's protagonist Akaza Akari here!! This is the final episode of Yuru Yuri San Hai!. But if you want to see us again, you probably will! Now let's head to the club room!

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