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Welcome to Boston
Episode overview
Bill Hixon arrives in Boston to take up the position of Chief Constable with East Lincolnshire police – but his first day is far from routine when the head of a teenage girl who .. show full overview
Piano Man
Episode overview
'Piano Man', (Craig Parkinson), an amnesiac arrested after an altercation at a local train station, is implicated in series of unsolved armed robberies committed by an offender known .. show full overview
Dead Men Don't Return Library Books
Episode overview
When Boston's pensioners find themselves under attack from a seasoned burglar who has seemingly resurfaced after fifteen years away, Bill interviews local librarian Alma Smith (Emma .. show full overview
Bad Blood in the Soil
Episode overview
A sparring rivalry between two local farming families is reignited when the body of labourer Will Mowbray is found in a secluded area of woodland known locally as 'Dead Man's Wood'. Bill .. show full overview
You're Stupid Enough to Say That to A Copper?
Episode overview
The murder of local farmer found floating in a suitcase in the local river leads Bill to become a shoulder to cry on for the victim's daughter, Charlene (Nichola Burley). Suspicion falls .. show full overview
Nothing Behind the Curtain
Episode overview
On his way home from work, Bill finds five charred bodies atop a bonfire on the roadside, close to a local farm. Pathology reveals that all five victims had been shot through the head .. show full overview