Wild wonderful Denmark

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The forest
Episode overview
In the first section we meet a small raw lamb lying helpless and alone in the tall grass, while a fox has a direct course towards it. We also have to go in the air with the king eagle, on a hike with the badger and on a robbery with the maid.
Sea and coast
Episode overview
We dive into the sea around Denmark and meet gray seals, spider crabs, rock bites, porpoises, ant larval larvae, grouse, starfish, snails, beach damage, migratory falcon, red beak, lobster and sea bags.
The open country
Episode overview
Nature in the open countryside: the heath, the marsh, the flower meadows and the cultivated fields. Here, we expect to meet boatworms, mice, field lizards, tower falcon, predator, church .. show full overview
Lakes and streams
Episode overview
You can expect to see ducks, pike, beavers, goldsmiths, beach toddlers, barking and pipe singer, iceberg, cormorant and patch diver, the little water salamander and water spider in our lakes and creeks.
The nature of the city
Episode overview
In the final section of the program series, we go into town and hunt for nature here. Don't we meet the duck, the hedgehog, the fox, the ant, the rat, the crows, the squirrel and the swan.