The Riddler: Secrets in the Dark

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The King of Arkham Asylum
Episode overview
Edward Nygma, alias The Riddler, learns that his friend the Calendar Man has been murdered.
Make It Make Sense
Episode overview
The Riddler vows to stop Calendar Man's killer, and all signs point to the Caped Crusader himself.
Angel of Justice
Episode overview
The Riddler's investigation uncovers a conspiracy that forces him to form an unexpected alliance.
Sewers and Socialites
Episode overview
After piecing together The Messenger's trail of corpses and clues in the sewers of Gotham City, The Riddler crashes a fundraising gala and runs into an important person from his painful past.
Family History
Episode overview
To save the life of a friend, Edward Nygma must reflect on his own early life and the circumstances that led him to become The Riddler.
Make Your Choice
Episode overview
After a slight detour, The Riddler finds himself in grave danger at the Heed Estate.
A Head Full of Riddles
Episode overview
The Riddler and Batman risk everything to end The Messenger's apocalyptic crusade.
The Final Retribution
Episode overview
The Riddler discovers a secret that calls everything he thought he knew into question.