The Mind of the Married Man

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  • Måndag 22
  • Comedy Drama



Peter Pan
Episode overview
Feeling guilty about his extramarital behavior, Micky is determined to become a new man. Micky's wife Donna wants to get their son, Bobby, into a posh preschool and schedules a playdate for Micky to take him to.
The Cream of the Crop
Episode overview
Micky has a problem programming his TiVo and wonders if it's a metaphor for his relationship with his mind; Donna considers her role as a parent; and Jake leads Micky to a startling discovery about preschool.
The Plan
Episode overview
Donna rethinks her career and considers becoming a full-time mother; Jake continues to pursue Missy; and Randall teaches the youngsters a few things about cards.
Full-Time Mom
Episode overview
Donna decides the family needs to start attending church; Jake is nearly caught with Missy; and Micky reacquaints himself with a face from the past.
Episode overview
The anniversary party of Doug's parents causes everyone to evaluate their relationships with their own parents; Doug buys Carol a mysterious brand of coffee; and Micky has an eye exam with a beautiful optometrist.
The Perfect Babysitter
Episode overview
Micky reluctantly agrees to begin therapy; the Nelsons debate whether to buy a new car or remodel their kitchen; and Jake continues his pursuit of Missy.
The Corvette
Episode overview
Micky thinks a new baby will remedy their marital problems, but Donna has her own solution; Carol gets angry when Doug buys a Corvette against her wishes; and Bianca suspects an intimate relationship between Jake and Missy.
The Pony Ride
Episode overview
Micky plans a surprise party for his boss Randall to get back in his good graces, but finds himself distracted by a new dilemma at home before the party can even begin.
A Hard Pill to Swallow
Episode overview
Micky starts to see progress in therapy, but finds his relationship with Donna tested; Jake finally runs out of alibis with Bianca; and Carol decides to trade in Doug's Corvette.
Never Stop
Episode overview
In the season finale, Micky suggests couples therapy in hopes of drawing Donna back into their marriage. And after a few nights on Slayton's couch, Jake tries to talk his way back into Bianca's life.