The Long Shadow

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  • Crime Drama Mini-series Thriller



Episode 1
Episode overview
The police struggle to catch the killer of a woman murdered in Leeds, and a desperate mother is forced to make a difficult decision.
Episode 2
Episode overview
The police face the prospect of a multiple murderer at large in the wake of more linked murders, but the testimony of a survivor could turn the tide.
Episode 3
Episode overview
The investigation spreads to Bradford with the murder of another woman, a female police officer takes on dangerous undercover work, while danger is ever present for sex workers.
Episode 4
Episode overview
When another woman survives an attack, detectives hope that they are in with a chance of finding their man as a driver in Leeds emerges as prime suspect.
Episode 5
Episode overview
The police revisit historic attacks in the hope of identifying further victims, and George Oldfield is fired up by the arrival of a letter from the killer.
Episode 6
Episode overview
West Yorkshire Police launch a huge public appeal in the hope of rooting out the killer as some detectives begin to voice concerns about the investigation.
Episode 7
Episode overview
After a chance arrest, the killer is finally caught and the failures of the investigation are laid bare in the wake of the trial.