The Family Crews

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There's No Place Like Home
Episode overview
Terry returns from Connecticut, and the kids plan a surprise to welcome him back. Later, Rebecca shows off her talk-show pilot, but Terry's got big news that could trump everything
Jerome Mayberry: Fo'-Real!
Episode overview
Terry works on a new comedic character and enlists help from the family to shoot a demo tape
Isaiah's Lottery Ticket
Episode overview
Terry is double booked for a premiere and Isaiah’s birthday party
Career Day
Episode overview
Jorge hunts for a new career with help from Terry, Naomi practices her cosmetology skills on her siblings, and Rebecca helps Azriel prepare for her NYU audition by taking her to meet choreographer and director George Faiso.
Mommy's Revenge
Episode overview
Azriel goes out on a date with a guy that Terry may like even more than she does.
If Philly's Rockin, Don't Come Knockin!
Episode overview
Terry and Rebecca's plans for romance collide. Meanwhile, Azriel and Tera babysit the kids and Tera experiences her first period.When Terry and Rebecca comes home Tera has to have the talk.
We Are Almost There
Episode overview
Terry gets the call from his agent that “Are We There Yet?” has been picked up for ninety episodes, which gives the family mixed emotions.
True Love Waits
Episode overview
Azriel gets her letter from NYU. Then, Terry and Rebecca take Tera to a purity ball, now that she is a woman
Blessed Miley
Episode overview
Terry and Rebecca get Naomi to have a baby blessing for Miley before moving, even without Jorge's family present.
New York, New York
Episode overview
The Crews family have finally arrived to New York City. Terry try's out his commute in Stamford, CT while Rebecca meets with George Faison to get her Broadway career started. Meanwhile, Naomi takes a cosmetology exam.
I'm Coming Out!
Episode overview
Rebecca prepares for her one-woman show while Terry plans a surprise to help her cope with stress. Elsewhere, Terry's commute prompts him to reconsider the family's living situation.