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To the Furthest Place
Episode overview
The Orpheus' team of scientists are on a mission to find a renewable source of energy in the depths of the Arctic Ocean. The last team who went died in mysterious circumstances, so the .. show full overview
Into the Belly of the Beast
Episode overview
The scientific crew on the Orpheus submarine runs into severe danger in their quest to find rare micro-organisms. One crew member has died, the Orpheus has been intercepted and two of .. show full overview
Ghosts of the Deep
Episode overview
The Orpheus crew's quest for renewable energy has led them into danger. They're trapped on Volos, a Russian submarine, and its nuclear reactor is dangerously overheating. Whoever shuts .. show full overview
Everything Put Together Falls Apart
Episode overview
The Orpheus is mended, and the captain wants the crew to find more of the rare bio-fuel samples before they return to the surface. The Russian captain has other ideas, however, and .. show full overview
The Last Breath
Episode overview
The Orpheus crew have found rare bio fuels in the ocean depths, but they must find a way of getting it to the surface safely. With the Russian captain of the Volos submarine determined .. show full overview