Stella (2012)

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  • Comedy Drama



Episode 1
Episode overview
Stella is faced with a tough decision when Michael is offered a job in Dubai. Luke discovers a long-kept secret that's about to change everything.
Episode 2
Episode overview
Stella's in turmoil knowing she must confess her secret to Michael. Luke and Zoe get some life-changing news and Aunty Brenda makes a shocking discovery.
Episode 3
Episode overview
Michael delivers some shocking news, Beyonce shows up at Stella's and things get too much for Aunty Brenda.
Episode 4
Episode overview
A nasty surprise leaves Stella fighting to save her and Michael's relationship, while Luke bumps into a stranger from Rob's past.
Episode 5
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.
Episode 6
Episode overview
The day of Stella's graduation day arrives, but despite three years of hard graft she is not in the mood to celebrate as the divide between her and Michael has grown even bigger - and .. show full overview