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  • Crime Drama Thriller



Episode 1
Episode overview
In 1946, the New York police officer Max McLaughlin traveled to the divided city of Berlin to help set up a civilian police force based on the American model.
Episode 2
Episode overview
While searching for the murderers of two American GIs, Max and Elsie come across an eyewitness - but she is murdered soon after.
Episode 3
Episode overview
Max gets pressure from his superior Franklin to solve the GIs murder as soon as possible. He himself is driven by the search for his brother Moritz.
Episode 4
Episode overview
After her escape from Max, waitress Karin seeks protection from "Engelmacher" Dr. Gladow and offers him her services.
Episode 5
Episode overview
The two brothers' game of cat and mouse is becoming increasingly popular. Max doesn’t find Moritz himself, but at least he can find his shelter. He is holed up in a boathouse.
Episode 6
Episode overview
"Engelmacher" Dr. Gladow and his women's army plan an attack on the police station that nobody should survive.
Episode 7
Episode overview
Moritz finds evidence that Max's boss Franklin is helping old Nazis by getting them forged papers.
Episode 8
Episode overview
There is a showdown between the two brothers Max and Moritz.