Ripper Street

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Closed Casket
Episode overview
Following the death of Bennet Drake, the fugitives find themselves facing the power of Augustus Dove and his murderous brother, while a face from the past returns.
A Brittle Thread
Episode overview
The fugitives take drastic action in order to trick the authorities, which leads to a press battle between Reid and Dove for the hearts and minds of the people of Whitechapel.
All the Glittering Blades
Episode overview
While hidden away, Nathaniel befriends a nearby family at great risk to his personal safety, while the fugitives clash as tensions between them rise.
The Dreaming Dead
Episode overview
An unexpected source alerts Reid and Jackson to Nathaniel's handiwork, Shine receives information which he uses to his advantage, while Dove forms a plan to trap the fugitives.
A Last Good Act
Episode overview
With Reid imprisoned, Jackson and the others hatch a plot to free him and uncover Dove's crimes.
Occurrence Reports
Episode overview
As the full extent of Dove's criminal behavior comes to light, Reid, Jackson and Susan face their respective fates.