Race Across the World

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Episode 1
Episode overview
Five teams set off from Vancouver on a race across Canada. Without smartphones, internet access or credit cards, they will need plenty of ingenuity to make it to the finish line in Newfoundland.
Episode 2
Episode overview
The race to St John’s continues as the five teams leave Haida Gwaii and head into the heart of the Yukon towards the second checkpoint, the former gold rush boom town Dawson City.
Episode 3
Episode overview
The five pairs leave Dawson City and head south to the third checkpoint, the Rocky Mountain resort town of Banff. This time, the team arriving in last place will be eliminated from the race.
Episode 4
Episode overview
The teams head for the fourth checkpoint, the remote outpost of Churchill, on Hudson Bay. The only transport is a twice-weekly train, and they have just three days to catch it.
Episode 5
Episode overview
The teams head for Lake Huron, a 3,000-kilometre journey, but the pairs only have one way out of Churchill – a noisy overnight train south.
Episode 6
Episode overview
In the sixth leg of the race, the pairs must brush up on their language skills, as the next stop is in Quebec. To get there, the teams must navigate Canada’s most densely inhabited region.
Episode 7
Episode overview
41 days since the start on Canada's Pacific coast, the teams now have the Atlantic within their reach, lapping the shores of the seventh checkpoint at the seaside town of Liverpool, Nova Scotia.
The Final
Episode overview
The third series of Race Across the World reaches its epic climax as the pairs complete their gruelling journey across Canada. Which team will triumph?
The Reunion
Episode overview
With a thrilling third series of the Bafta-winning adventure, Race Across the World, now over, our five pairs return to reflect on the adventure of a lifetime.