One Life to Live

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Ep. #11077
Episode overview
Danielle confronts Jack with the latest newspaper headline of Tomas being Victor's murderer. Starr walks in on Blair trying to get a hold of Tomas. Kristine apologizes to Rex for the .. show full overview
Ep. #11078
Episode overview
Todd is in panic when Calmar is found and brought in for questioning. James and Nate show they're summons to Starr and Dani. Neela tells Jack that she and Shane were talking about his .. show full overview
Ep. #11079
Episode overview
Cutter and Gigi arrive at the Bon Jour Cafe, and sees it resembles the Buenos Dias. Rex and Kristine visit Kim in jail and asks her to tell them where Stacy is at. Roxy assures Neela .. show full overview
Ep. #11080
Episode overview
Viki goes to Noelle and confides in her about what just happened with Clint. Cutter asks Gigi if she's getting her memory back after recalling something. Kim tells Rex she'll tell him .. show full overview
Ep. #11081
Episode overview
Blair goes to Todd and doesn't believe that Tomas killed Victor and offers a reward on his whereabouts. Roxy tells Natalie if she's not going to tell John how she feels then she'll do it .. show full overview
Ep. #11082
Episode overview
Agent Baker comes to Todd disguised as a maintenance man saying they need to talk. Tomas contacts Blair via the internet and shocks her by saying at gunpoint that he killed Victor. Viki .. show full overview
Ep. #11083
Episode overview
Gigi sees Rex come into the diner and quickly hides in the kitchen and lets Cutter know. Natalie wants John to take Liam back to his place for the night. Ta sees Blair and Todd together .. show full overview
Ep. #11084
Episode overview
David surprises his peers by visiting. Shane realizes that Aubrey and Rex are getting closer. The subject of Destiny's baby causes more drama.
Ep. #11085
Episode overview
Danielle tells Blair and Ta that her uncle confessing was the talk of the entire school. Starr asks Todd why he looks miserable after being cleared. John tells Natalie that she's gonna .. show full overview
Ep. #11086
Episode overview
Jack storms into Todd's office and asked how he framed Tomas for Victor's murder. Destiny wants an answer from Matthew regarding their child. Tea asks John if he was able to trace the .. show full overview
Ep. #11087
Episode overview
Nora and Bo confront Matthew after his argument with Destiny regarding their unborn child. Jessica and Natalie trim the Christmas tree together. John comes to Téa side when she has a baby crisis.
Ep. #11088
Episode overview
After passing out, Roxy wakes up as Lorraine from "Fraternity Row," and learns of a whole new world, being married to David, and having Viki and Clint working as her maid and butler.
Ep. #11089
Episode overview
Shane tells Neela to do what it takes to Jack to confess to killing his mother. Natalie tells Clint she and Jessica were descent to one another while decorating the tree. Ta asks John .. show full overview
Ep. #11090
Episode overview
Rex tells "Stacy" unaware she's Gigi what he really thinks of her. Viki tells David after seeing Clint with Kim to get her out of there right away. Neela gets Jack to admit to being .. show full overview
Ep. #11091
Episode overview
Cutter makes a confession; Jack invites Todd to Christmas Eve with his family.
Ep. #11092
Episode overview
The truth about Stacy comes out; Natalie and John get ready to talk about their relationship.
Ep. #11093
Episode overview
Shane comes face to face with his mother.
Ep. #11094
Episode overview
Gigi and Shane come face to face with Jack.
Ep. #11095
Episode overview
A beloved couple decides to get married.
Ep. #11096
Episode overview
The lights go out in Llanview and things will never be the same.
Ep. #11097
Episode overview
A prison break means the return of some of the most fearsome villains.
Ep. #11098
Episode overview
Lindsay returns. Mitch is keeping Natalie prisoner.
Ep. #11099
Episode overview
Allison Perkins returns.
Ep. #11100
Episode overview
Many citizens of Llanview are shot. Who will survive?
Ep. #11101
Episode overview
Familiar faces from the past return - and someone dies.
Ep. #11102
Episode overview
Starr has big news. John and Natalie move forward.
Ep. #11103
Episode overview
Rex and Gigi get life altering news. James and Starr break up.
Ep. #11104
Episode overview
Destiny's water breaks. Viki and Clint prepare for the truth.
Ep. #11105
Episode overview
The very last episode of One Life to Live.