Nurse Jackie

  • :
  • : 80
  • : 1991
  • Showtime
  • Måndag 21
  • Comedy Drama



Episode overview
Whilst in jail following her arrest, Jackie suffers through detox. Expecting a confrontation with Gloria Akalitus, Jackie approaches a lawyer with her return to All Saints.
Episode overview
Jackie sets her sights on returning to All Saints, aided by her pit bull lawyer — the problem is she can’t afford to pay his retainer. Strapped for cash, Jackie gets inventive, turning .. show full overview
Episode overview
Jackie is on the floor again but back to square one. Under the Diversion Program, she cannot touch patients or medication and undergoes mandatory daily urine screens. But in her new .. show full overview
Nice Ladies
Episode overview
Akalitus doesn’t trust Jackie when she shares the news that the hospital is being sold to Norwegian developers. Carrie meets Coop’s proposal with an unexpected reaction causing him to .. show full overview
Coop Out
Episode overview
Jackie stirs up trouble when she rallies her co-workers against the developers, but an attractive offer challenges her allegiance. Coop prepares for his last day at All Saints while .. show full overview
High Noon
Episode overview
Jackie, Dr. Prince and Akalitus are forced to run the ER without nurses when Zoey leads a walk-out.
Are You With Me, Doctor Wu?
Episode overview
Jackie and Eddie make one last purge of their stash; Zoey blames herself after a patient dies.
Managed Care
Episode overview
When Jackie tells Grace about her news, Grace's reaction surprises her.
Serviam in Caritate
Episode overview
Jackie and Zoey set out on an unexpected road trip; Zoey confronts her frustration with Jackie.
Jackie and the Wolf
Episode overview
Jackie and Eddie's nice quiet morning is ruined by an unexpected knock at the door.
Vigilante Jones
Episode overview
Jackie has to perform a procedure when Dr. Prince manages to endanger a patient. A secret shocks Zoey.
I Say a Little Prayer
Episode overview
An unexpected guest shows up at Fiona's confirmation rehearsal. Jackie is offered a position at Bellevue.