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Episode 1
Episode overview
A mysterious organization launches a cunning plan. First, the successful entrepreneur Mark Davis is eliminated. Mark's wife, Jessica, and the FBI begin investigating the bizarre circumstances surrounding the unexpected death.
Episode 2
Episode overview
Dave travels to Los Angeles after finding a clue on his watch. Nova Vita is concerned about the situation and enlists the help of Marina to keep Dave distracted. At the same time, .. show full overview
Episode 3
Episode overview
Dave watches the video and understands who he really is, but realizes he has no choice but to return to his new life. West and Jessica suspect that Carter is hiding something and make a plan to put him there.
Episode 4
Episode overview
Dave's relationship with Marina and Adam weakens when he decides to move to Los Angeles. Nova Vita freezes his bank accounts and forces him to return to Las Vegas. West follows a new trail that leads to a mysterious island.
Episode 5
Episode overview
Dave and Jessica like each other, but Jessica's father is suspicious and questions Dave's underlying motives. West gets hold of Dr. Dexter and presses him for information. The relationship between Carter and Nova Vita deteriorates.
Episode 6
Episode overview
West is looking for Simmons, one of Nova Vita's more senior members. Dave meets his so-called relative, Monty, but immediately discovers gaps in his story. Jessica confronts Carter and Marina learns of Dave's true identity.
Episode 7
Episode overview
Carter learns that Jessica has gotten to know one of her workers and insists on meeting him. Carter immediately recognizes the man as Dave Harper and passes the information on to Nova Vita. A terrible plan is quickly put into action.
Episode 8
Episode overview
West reveals his suspicions to Jessica, who helps release Dave from prison. Dave and West track down the Armenian who has been hiding since Nixon's visit. At the same time, Nova Vita is .. show full overview
Episode 9
Episode overview
Jessica has learned the truth and makes a joint plan with West and Dave. Nova Vita begins to realize that Carter and Dave must die and sends Bicks to complete the mission. At the same time, Smith and Dover begin to realize that West has been right.
Episode 10
Episode overview
Dave, West and Jessica decide to return to the island where it all began. With the help of Gibson, they manage to sneak past the FBI and steal Mark's plan. Once on the island, a risky hunt awaits for the important safe code.