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My Garden of a Thousand Bees
Episode overview
Wildlife cameraman Martin Dohrn films more than 60 species of bees in all shapes and sizes in Bristol, England, during the COVID-19 2020 lockdown.
Season of the Osprey
Episode overview
Cameraman Jacob Steinberg captures the struggles, failures, and triumphs of an osprey family over the course of five years.
The Elephant and the Termite
Episode overview
Witness the creation of one of Africa's greatest wildlife meeting places and the site of extraordinary drama: the waterhole. From mighty elephants to tiny termites, an entire community of creatures call the waterhole their home.
Born in the Rockies: First Steps (1)
Episode overview
From early spring to late summer, follow new animal mothers through the trials of raising a family in the Rocky Mountains. Cranes migrate north to give birth, a bison mother protects her lambs from threats and young mountain goats learn to climb.
Born in the Rockies: Growing Up (2)
Episode overview
Young animals face new challenges as winter envelopes the Rocky Mountains, and spring means the end of childhood. A grizzly mom prepares her cubs for hibernation, a mountain lion raises her kittens and a bison calf must learn to survive the snow.
Animals with Cameras (Oceans)
Episode overview
Wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan leads a team using state-of-the-art cameras, offering a fresh look at the lives of some of the animals in our oceans such as sharks, elephant seals, turtles and gannets.
Animals with Cameras (Australia)
Episode overview
Wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan fronts the team helping scientists investigate the lives of some of Australia’s most iconic animals. Koalas, fruit bats and kangaroos take the cameras into their secret worlds.
Penguins: Meet the Family
Episode overview
A celebration of one of Earth's most iconic and beloved birds, featuring footage of all 17 species of penguins for the first time, from New Zealand, Cape Town, the Galapagos Islands and Antarctica.
The Ocean's Greatest Feast
Episode overview
New filming technology brings the story of South Africa's annual sardine run vividly to life like never before. Between May and July each year, the sardine run sees billions of sardines .. show full overview
American Horses
Episode overview
Following the popularity of Equus: Story of the Horse, Nature turns its cameras to the uniquely American horse breeds that helped shape our nation, such as the Mustang, Appaloosa, Morgan and Quarter Horse.
Hippo King
Episode overview
Follow the life of an old hippo, a king of its kind, and discover the true character of one of Earth’s largest land mammals.
American Arctic
Episode overview
Following the planet's longest land-animal migration on the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in the northeastern corner of Alaska.
Portugal: Wild Land on the Edge
Episode overview
Discover the wildlife and landscapes of Portugal, shaped by its history as a global trading hub. From forest to coast, witness the majesty of the country’s wild horses, storks, monk seals, flamingos and more.