Jam and Jerusalem

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  • BBC One
  • Comedy



Easter (1)
Episode overview
Sal discovers an old planning application to convert the barn in the field behind her house and, despite the fact that it is officially too late to object, she enlists the help of the Guild in an effort to stop the development.
Working From Home (2)
Episode overview
Sal runs a surgery from her house for elderly patients who don't want to go to the doctor. Jock, who is in charge of the building works, gets the idea, thanks to Rosie, that Sal is a .. show full overview
Dinner Party (1)
Episode overview
Caroline is planning a dinner party for husband John and his friends from London.
Missing Persons (2)
Episode overview
The ladies of Clatterford stage a fashion show.
New Beginnings (1)
Episode overview
Spike and Tash are finally ready to travel the world in their converted mobile library, but a confusion with the gears leads to a call-out for the emergency services, and Sal's house .. show full overview
Ladies in Lavender (2)
Episode overview
All bets are off, when it is finally revealed that the barn is not being converted for Charles Dance at all - Jock just let Rosie jump to that conclusion to get the Guild off his back. .. show full overview