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Raiders of the Lost Cinema
Episode overview
Annie decides this is the Halloween her and her friends will find the legendary, abandoned movie theater, with an entire snack counter filled with untouched candy. But Pony’s fear of scary things threatens to ruin Annie’s plans.
Annie's Voice
Episode overview
When Annie loses her voice rehearsing her song for Winter Fest, Pony offers to speak for her, so she can get it back in time.
Business as Usual
Episode overview
When Annie and Pony lose Dog, Pony has to take his place and fool Mrs. Ocaba until Annie can get him back.
Flight of the Chickens
Episode overview
Annie wants to stay home alone, but when the chickens escape, she and Pony must get them back.
Henrietta the Psychic
Episode overview
After Henrietta predicts that Pony will mess up Annie's attempt to win a contest, Pony believes she's a psychic.
Annie VS. Pony
Episode overview
Annie enters Pony in a best pet competition, but Pony's got other ideas and enters a pet of his own.
Get Sapphire
Episode overview
Annie and Pony are desperate to read the latest installment of a fantasy trilogy.
Pighog Day
Episode overview
When Annie is chosen to take part in Pighog Day, she’s determined to do a good job despite everything going wrong.
Second Best Friend
Episode overview
Annie's struggle to believe that Pony's second-best friend is a fly puts her own second-best friend, Gerry, in jeopardy.
Pony Car
Episode overview
When Annie and her friends are invited to a fancy party, Pony decides they can't show up on foot and builds them a car.
Wedding Planners
Episode overview
Annie and Pony try to use Mom and Dad's marriage certificate to claim a free vacation, but realize the certificate is a fake.
Cat Alley
Episode overview
Annie tries to take a shortcut through an alley, but soon discovers that Pony's reluctant to go that way because the cats who live there have been terrorizing him.
Saving Horse
Episode overview
When the park is vandalized with graffiti and Pony's favourite sculpture is threatened, Annie and Pony must find a way to stop the vandal.
Comic Connival
Episode overview
At Comic Carnival, Pony accidentally gets Annie's favorite actress fired, so Annie needs to find a way to help her get her job back.
Horse on a Hot Tin Roof
Episode overview
Pony gets jealous when Annie and her friends get cast in a play, so he uncharacteristically takes revenge on everyone.
Song of the Soil
Episode overview
When Mom and Dad hurt their backs at harvest time, it's up to Annie and Pony to bring in the crops.
Street Smart
Episode overview
When Pony invests Annie's savings in an obvious scam, Annie decides he's too trusting but her attempts to make him street smart backfire.
Episode overview
Annie worries her game night will be too boring, until Pony whips out his custom game, Ponopoly Plus.
President Annie
Episode overview
The apartment building president tries to keep Annie and Pony from riding the elevator, so Annie decides she'll run for president against her.
Cow Power
Episode overview
Annie and Pony adopt a cow to replace Dad's truck, but when it doesn't work out, it's impossible to get rid of it.
I.T. Pony
Episode overview
Annie thinks Pony is a tech genius until his app creation puts the population in peril.
Family Free for All
Episode overview
When the Bramleys are picked to be contestants on a game show, Annie worries that Pony's excitement will ruin their chance on TV.
Lucky Pony
Episode overview
Pony believes he's a good luck charm and the reason Annie's suddenly a track star.
City Pony
Episode overview
Annie worries that Pony's becoming too citified and jumps at the chance for the family to move to a real farm in the country.
Country Pony
Episode overview
You can take the Pony out of the city, but you can't take the city out of the Pony.
Hot Tub Brine Machine
Episode overview
Dad declares his pickle barrel "a time machine for vegetables."
The Secret Life of Pony
Episode overview
Pony seems to be lying about what he does while Annie's in school, so she suspects he's living a secret life.
Space Shippers
Episode overview
Annie and Pony worry that shy Gerry will never get together with Clara. They decide to take matters into their own hands.
The Lakey Loos
Episode overview
The market's fishmonger believes there's a monster in the lake, but all his pictures look oddly like Pony.
Bowled Over
Episode overview
Annie takes up bowling to impress a boy and Pony gets fingers!
Disaster Express
Episode overview
When Pony thinks the subway ride to an escape room is the escape room, Annie needs to stop him from causing a public transportation disaster.
Pony Almighty
Episode overview
Pony unearths a relic with a crude etching that seems to suggest he's an ancient god of mischief.
Annie the Influencer
Episode overview
When Annie gets obsessed with a new social media app, Pony needs to do whatever it takes to bring her back to break the spell.
Never Take Advice From a Pony
Episode overview
When Annie has a bad day, Pony comforts her with his soft nose and advice, but what happens when he starts giving everyone in town advice?
Moon Face-Off
Episode overview
When Annie and Pony switch identities in a VR game, they find it's not so easy to walk in your best friend's shoes.
Pony, Come Home
Episode overview
Annie & friends plan a heist to retrieve Pony from the rich kid who thinks he owns him now.
Special Sauce
Episode overview
When Gerry adopts a pet rock and starts having Annie and Pony style adventures, they worry that they've lost their "special sauce".
Beachy Weachy Weach
Episode overview
Annie wants to hang out on the local beach swim dock, but she keeps getting intercepted by the high schoolers.
Bee in a Jar
Episode overview
When Brian loses his job at the comic book shop to his big sister, Annie and Pony make it their mission to help her get another job.