Howards End

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  • BBC One
  • Måndag
  • Drama Mini-series Romance



Episode 1
Episode overview
Spring 1905 in England. Margaret Schlegel is at home with her overbearing Aunt Juley and her hypochondriac brother Tibby when she receives a letter from her younger sister Helen, who is visiting the Wilcox family at their country house, Howards End.
Episode 2
Episode overview
The Wilcoxes are rocked by a death in the family, but the loss is followed by an unusual final request concerning Howards End that throws the family into confusion. The Schlegels also .. show full overview
Episode 3
Episode overview
Still searching for a new home, Margaret receives an offer from Henry which changes her plans significantly. While Margaret becomes more involved with the Wilcox family, Helen is .. show full overview
Episode 4
Episode overview
Margaret is forgiving of Henry's past transgressions and decides to uphold their engagement, while Helen leaves for Europe with no explanation, only agreeing to return to London when .. show full overview