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San Jose
Episode overview
15 months after the events at Arctic Biosystems, new CDC team with the addition of biotoxicologist Kyle Sommer respond to a potential outbreak on a Windjammer in the Northern Pacific. .. show full overview
Episode overview
The CDC team continue to investigate the island; at the same time, they discover Peter's brother, Alan, is a member of Brother Michael's cult, and his warnings for them to leave the abbey fall on deaf ears.
Episode overview
Peter and Jordan leave the safety of the Abbey to retrieve some specimens and discover just what’s living in the woods, meanwhile Sister Amy plots to make them leave forever.
Episode overview
As Michael struggles to keep the abbey under control, the CDC team moves closer toward tracking the source of the pathogen. Alan fights the urge to rejoin his team and confronts the .. show full overview
Episode overview
Michael locks Peter and Alan in a pit. Alan escapes and discovers that Kyle has a secret of his own. Agnes reveals a shocking truth to Michael, who drastically turns on her for doubting .. show full overview
M. Domestica
Episode overview
Amy creates an outbreak of the disease. Michael torments Peter in the pit. Alan, Jordan and Kyle discover the truth about the Abbey's food chain. An uprising at the Abbey threatens the .. show full overview
Episode overview
As Peter gains a new cellmate, Michael takes extreme action when his followers begin to mutiny.
Vade in Pace
Episode overview
As the CDC team reels from the devastation at the Abbey, the Coast Guard arrives with news of a new outbreak. Meanwhile, incensed from her imprisonment, Amy takes control of the Abbey, .. show full overview
Episode overview
Alan, Kyle and Winger search the woods for the tree with red sap that might be a cure for the pathogen.
Episode overview
The Abbey becomes a house of horrors as Kyle struggles with his infection and Anne begins to shape a successor to Michael.
Plan B
Episode overview
Plan B are determined to make sure that the virus and the infected people do not leave the island.
The Ascendant
Episode overview
Peter finds his purpose as the new leader of Michael's order as the CDC team continues the desperate search for the Mother Tree.
O Brave New World
Episode overview
Alan's relationship with Walker reaches a bloody climax, while his sibling feud with Peter erupts in flames. Elsewhere, Kyle does his best to protect a possible cure for the mycosis.