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Episode overview
Heartland introduces us to Dr. Nathaniel Grant (Treat Williams) an intense and overworked lung and heart transplant surgeon at St. Jude Regional Transplant Center in Pittsburgh. Grant is .. show full overview
I Make Myself into Something New
Episode overview
Dr. Grant is now the chief of staff of the St. Jude Regional Transplant Center due to his friend and mentor Bart Jacobs retirement because of poor health. Meanwhile as Kate waits for .. show full overview
Picking Up Little Things
Episode overview
Dr. Griffith makes a bad incision during a liver transplant causing massive bleeding and forcing the liver to be discarded. The patient still has a chance for survival due to a possible .. show full overview
Mother & Child Reunion
Episode overview
Tom is preparing to perform the first ever fetal uterine transplant on an infertile woman. However, he must get Nathaniel's approval before performing this breakthrough operation. .. show full overview
The Places You'll Go
Episode overview
Kate and Dr. Jonas travel to West Virginia to obtain the liver from a dying woman. However, Jonas encounters racism during their trip, which delays the organ recovery. Dr. Grant faces .. show full overview
Domino Effect
Episode overview
Dr. Grant and his team perform an extremely complicated transplant procedure involving three married couples. Mary decides to make a personal sacrifice to insure the operation is a .. show full overview
A Beautiful Day
Episode overview
A hostage crisis occurs at a local video arcade, which results in injuries and a possible organ donor from the perpetrator. However, the parents of one of the injured strongly object to .. show full overview
As We Are So Wonderfully Done With Each Other
Episode overview
Bart's health starts to decline to a critical state. Meanwhile, Dr. Grant and Kate travel to Cincinnati to recover a lung, which temporarily puts Dr. Jonas in charge of the hospital. Dr. .. show full overview
Episode overview
In Heartland's dramatic season finale, Bart passes away and his widow would like Nathaniel to give the eulogy at his funeral. Meanwhile, panic ensues when it's discovered a former donor .. show full overview
True Enough
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.