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The Battle for the People
Episode overview
In the mid-1800's, a small group of farmers, led by the eloquent Laurids Skau, fight to keep the Danish language in the borderland between Denmark and Prussia. But the entire Europe is .. show full overview
The Lost Land
Episode overview
After the war in 1864, Denmark is humiliated and Southern Jutland is lost. Now the Danish minded Southern Jutes must get used to a new life - as Germans. School books are replaced, and .. show full overview
At War for Germany
Episode overview
In 1914, Hell breaks loose in Europe. First World War has begun. From everywhere in Germany, men are sent to the front. Also the men who feel Danish must go to war for a country and a .. show full overview
Danish or German
Episode overview
11th of November 1918 the church bells are ringing all over Europe. The First World War is over and now emerges the opportunity that the Danish minded in the northern part of Germany .. show full overview