Gideon's Crossing

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The Gift
Episode overview
The success of Ben's experimental treatment for kidney cancer leads to mixed feelings for both doctor and patient; Sid uncovers the simple diagnosis to a young man's perplexing symptoms, .. show full overview
The Way
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.
A Routine Case
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.
The Race
Episode overview
Ben's friend and patient, a career politician, is diagnosed with cancer.
The Mistake
Episode overview
The staff have to tell a woman enquiring about her husband that he has died.
Freak Show
Episode overview
A woman with breast cancer is strangely opposed to the treatment which Ben prescribes. Bruce is infatuated with the girlfriend of a patient, and Ben witnesses a serious accident outside his daughter's school.
The Lottery
Episode overview
Excited when their antibody finally shows promise, Ben and Mike mount a clinical trial and clash over the lottery system that excludes one of Ben's patients, forcing him to pursue an .. show full overview
Father Knows Best
Episode overview
Ben has problems with a difficult patient who happens to be one of the hospital's major benefactors. A young woman who is terminally ill wants to be mummified.
Is There a Wise Man in the House?
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.
Clinical Enigma
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.
Episode overview
Ben and his students race to find the cause of a mysterious infection which is sweeping the hospital.
Dr. Cherry Must Be Stopped
Episode overview
Bruce falls under suspicion when one of his patients commits suicide.
Episode overview
A deaf girl seeks Ben's help. Sid faces a life or death dilemma, and the Porter case is finally resolved.
Life Sentences
Episode overview
Ollie tries to help an impoverished man suffering from leukemia. Bruce meets a patient with an ailment that defies conventional medical treatment.
Prodigal Dad
Episode overview
Boies' father suddenly comes back into his life. Ben looks for a new way to help a hemophiliac boy.
The Others
Episode overview
Cabranes faces a dangerous situation with one of his psychiatric patients. Boies' father fights cancer.
Flashpoint (2)
Episode overview
Ellenor is diagnosed with a disease that complicates pregnancy. She appoints Jimmy as her baby's guardian and makes Dr. Gideon promise that he will put the baby's life ahead of her own. .. show full overview
Filaments and Ligatures
Episode overview
Cherry treats a girl who, due to a terrible accident becomes brain dead. He confronts the parents about taking her off life support, and when they agree, he presents the choice to .. show full overview
The Crash
Episode overview
In the opening scene, Gideon is trying to get his son, Eli, off to school. Neither of them is in a good mood, and Eli is being extremely difficult. It's a battle every step of the .. show full overview
Heart of Glass
Episode overview
We start where we left off, with Gideon getting off the floor. He takes his own blood pressure, collects himself, and goes out as if nothing occurred. The Coopers come in. Wyatt .. show full overview