Future Man

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The Precipice of Yesterday
Episode overview
Josh, Tiger and Wolf are forced to compete in the Diecathlon, but a complication arises that puts them at odds with each other.
There Will Be Borscht
Episode overview
Josh puts his faith in The Voice. Wolf basks in his element. Tiger struggles to adapt.
Trapper's Delight
Episode overview
Josh’s crisis of faith comes to a head. Tiger connects with her killer instincts. Wolf struggles to lay low.
The Outlaw Wild Sam Bladden
Episode overview
Tiger and Wolf come to terms with their true selves. Josh is forced to confront what and who he truly believes.
Haven Is for Real
Episode overview
Josh makes a risky deal. Tiger and Wolf let Josh take command.
The Land After Time
Episode overview
Josh discovers a new happiness. Wolf loses his mind. Tiger embarks on an unexpected journey.
Time Rogues III: Escape from Forever
Episode overview
Josh and Wolf reunite and make a desperate move to escape. Tiger reconciles her past and present selves.
Return of the Present
Episode overview
The universe is about to end. For real this time.