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Last Night a DJ Saved My Life
Episode overview
Lyndsay casts aside his indie roots and turns his attentions to dance music. Whilst covering a club DJ gig for Topher, his first set goes down amazingly well with the crowd. Perhaps .. show full overview
System Addict
Episode overview
Dom decides to give up drinking whilst Jane attempts to give up smoking. Lindsay decides to give up on women.
Return to Sender
Episode overview
Dom finds himself going deaf It is revealed that Jane is a kleptomaniac. An email sent out by Lindsay causes mayem.
Golden Lady
Episode overview
Lindsay loses out at an awards ceremony. Jane celebrates with one of the winners.
Video Killed The Radio Star
Episode overview
Lindsay finds it harder than he thought when he gets the chance to move on to television work. Dom insults Tim Westwood and ends up threatening Richard Bacon as he gets ready for the yearly radio industry pub quiz.
Blinded by the Light
Episode overview
Lindsay finds his principles tested when he meets a gorgeous but talentless singer. Meanwhile, Dom is conflicted when he is offered a job at a rival station, and Jane meets her nemesis. Featuring a performance by The Charlatans.