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Episode 501
Episode overview
Matt's game show, 'The Box' is now a runaway hit. Unfortunately for Matt, success also means having daily contact with his producer, Merc. Sean and Beverly are forced to work for Sean's .. show full overview
Episode 502
Episode overview
The video of Matt's escapade with the girl in the box goes viral.
Episode 503
Episode overview
Matt leverages his newfound celebrity to get a new series guarantee from the network. Convinced that his best chance for success lies with Sean and Beverly, he tries to woo the reluctant .. show full overview
Episode 504
Episode overview
Matt takes Sean and Beverly to his ranch for a working weekend to come up with a new series. Carol confesses to Beverly her newfound happiness with Merc.
Episode 505
Episode overview
Carol reveals that she's pregnant and plans on keeping the baby. Matt's father drops dead, which leaves Matt to deal with his remains.
Episode 506
Episode overview
Sean and Beverly get into an ugly dispute with Matt when he demands a writing credit on their new show. Meanwhile, Carol decides to leave television, move home to Michigan and raise Merc's child on her own.
Episode 507
Episode overview
Sean and Beverly learn that Matt - offering no explanation - has passed on the new show they created for him. Now they must figure out what lies ahead for their lives and careers without .. show full overview