El Presidente

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  • Premiered: Jun 2020
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Season 1 Discuss
Not Your Topo
Air date
Jun 05, 2020
A family governed by traditions and complicity controls South American soccer: the CONMEBOL. But one day, they allow the wrong man to join their ranks: Sergio Jadue, the president of a .. show full overview
Air date
Jun 05, 2020
In soccer, dodges or feints are admired and applauded, but there is one problem: if you can’t pull it off, you’re risking major ridicule. Sergio Jadue is about to pull off the feint of .. show full overview
The Balls
Air date
Jun 05, 2020
Luck is for losers. A true winner doesn’t hope for results: he makes them. With this in mind, Sergio Jadue prepares to televise the Copa America group draw to the entire world, as a sort .. show full overview
On the Stick
Air date
Jun 05, 2020
Money is exciting. Grab it, make a stash: a new car, caviar, and why not, buy a soccer team. Pink Floyd said it, not Jadue. With bank account figures he’s never seen before, the La .. show full overview
Our Father
Air date
Jun 05, 2020
Jadue resorts to the celestial plane to ask for divine intervention before the moral crossroads he finds himself at: Will God have space amongst his flock to accommodate the sinful .. show full overview
Air date
Jun 05, 2020
Judgment day has arrived for Jadue, but Agent Harris arrives just in time to rescue the president from the vultures circling around the entire CONMEBOL family’s deathbed. Working against .. show full overview
Air date
Jun 05, 2020
As the joy brought on by the Copa America tournament spreads throughout Chile, a dark shadow falls over the Jadue Facuse family and the CONMEBOL. Sergio Jadue must now play his final .. show full overview
1x8 Show finale
Everything Happens
Air date
Jun 05, 2020
As Julio Grondona used to say, “Everything passes.” Marital difficulties triggered by lies pass. Financial problems pass. National embarrassments pass. The great triumphs that, for an .. show full overview

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