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Episode overview
Washed-up archaeologist Rip Digman, trying to dig out of obscurity and redeem himself, recruits a sidekick to help him find the lost hat of Hammurabi, an ancient king of Babylon.
Et Tu
Episode overview
Rip takes a job in Italy to seek an original confetti that sends him after the dagger used to assassinate Julius Caesar.
Fear of GAWD
Episode overview
Rip finds and then accidentally destroys the Ten Commandments, leading him on a treacherous search for God's backup set of commandments as the world descends into mass chaos.
The Arky Gala
Episode overview
Rip attends the Arky Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Saltine bonds with a rival assistant, and a group of gamers protest plans to demolish Zapper's Arcade to build a new museum wing.
The Mile High Club
Episode overview
The gang is hired to find Amelia Earhart's plane, Swooper becomes captain of a floating utopia in the sky, Agatha hooks up with a new friend, and Rip and Saltine lead a revolution.
Shakespeare's Lost Sonnet
Episode overview
Rip goes on an undercover mission to find a long-lost sonnet from Shakespeare's legendary oeuvre, but things get sticky when he crosses paths with a charming thespian.
The Puff People
Episode overview
Rip journeys to the distant Puffland in pursuit of the Holy Grail to resurrect his late wife Bella, but his solo mission goes awry when the king arranges for Rip to marry his daughter.
The Grail
Episode overview
Rip infiltrates Quail's museum opening to steal the Holy Grail and bring Bella back to life, and Saltine goes on a risky mission to find out the truth about the coveted artifact.