Charles II: The Power and the Passion

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  • Måndag 21
  • Drama History Romance



Episode One
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Penniless and powerless, after nearly a decade in exile from Republican England, Charles II's oldest and dearest friend, the Duke of Buckingham, abandons him and returns home to make his .. show full overview
Episode Two
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With no sign of a Royal pregnancy, the succession is a thorny issue. Charles's impetuous brother and heir to the Throne, James, Duke of York, complicates matters with his conversion to .. show full overview
Episode Three
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As fire blazes through London, destroying whole swathes of the city, Charles and James fight valiantly to contain it. Many see the fire as God's judgement on Charles and his licentious .. show full overview
Episode Four
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The trail leads to the squalid but charismatic Titus Oates, whose accusations take in every eminent Catholic, including James and Queen Catharine herself. In the atmosphere of panic, a .. show full overview
The Boy Who Would Be King
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This episode has no summary.
The Making Of Charles II: The Power & The Passion
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