American Dad!

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Langley Dollar Listings
Episode overview
Francine becomes a realtor in Langley's world of high-end real estate, while the rest of the family sells coffee from the front yard.
Dressed Down
Episode overview
When Stan doesn't feel confident in anything but his suits, Roger assumes a fashion designer persona to craft him a life-changing new wardrobe. Hayley and Jeff raise chickens in the back yard.
The Book of Fischer
Episode overview
Stan takes Steve to his favorite barbershop to hang with his crew; Jeff starts journaling to help with his bad memory.
A Roger Story
Episode overview
Steve and Snot's friendship gets put to the test when their mothers start to fight.
Epic Powder Dump
Episode overview
Stan insists everyone help him recreate the rustic family ski trips of his childhood while Klaus falls in love with a tech support operator.
American Dad Graffito
Episode overview
To save a beloved restaurant from closing, Stan must bring the 1950s back to Langley.
Beyond the Alcove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Klaus
Episode overview
Francine is jealous of the new and improved Klaus and vows to take him down.
A Song of Knives and Fire
Episode overview
Stan and Francine inject some much-needed fire into their relationship.
The Curious Case of the Old Hole
Episode overview
Wheels and the Legman try to hunt down the perpetrators who destroyed Steve's secret swimming hole. Meanwhile, Klaus helps an aging Principal Lewis reclaim his confidence.
Gold Top Nuts
Episode overview
The Smith family crash land at a mysterious island that erases their memories.
The Three Fs
Episode overview
Francine's newfound friendship with a frog brings excitement to the whole Smith household. Unfortunately, it drives their neighbor, Greg, crazy.
Smooshed: A Love Story
Episode overview
Steve goes on a class trip to Philadelphia, where he hopes to fall in love.
The Fast and the Spurious
Episode overview
Roger is forced to confront himself after a series of accidents. Klaus and Jeff bond.
A League of His Own
Episode overview
Steve profiles Stan for an essay contest at school; Francine uses a porta john.
You Are Here
Episode overview
Roger and Steve try to save a dying mall.
I Heard You Wanna Buy Some Speakers
Episode overview
Barry blows out his dad's speakers and Snot helps him replace them. Stan attempts to do a standing backflip.
Hayley Was a Girl Scout?
Episode overview
Stan is forced to co-lead a scouts troop with Hayley while Steve blunders in his fantasy world.
Please Please Jeff
Episode overview
Jeff's people pleasing nature gets in the way of his relationship with Hayley; Stan wears a confusing costume to the CIA costume party.
Episode overview
When Francine successfully grows a garden, it reminds Roger he knows a recipe for truly authentic jambalaya.
Gernot & Strudel
Episode overview
Hoping to teach him the value of sharing, the family recreates a television show from Klaus' childhood. Roger has a piano recital.
Episode overview
Steve starts a work-study program and discovers that not all is what it seems at Channel 3 News. Roger seeks redemption in the Nashville country music scene.
The Grounch
Episode overview
When Roger has his famous Christmas sex party stolen from him the results are...monstrous. Stan creates a magazine for men.