Abominable and the Invisible City

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Wu You Gonna Call?
Episode overview
After the reveal of magical creatures’ existence and Yi’s magic ability in at the end of Season 1, the city’s citizens are unsure how to feel about this new revelation. A popular vlogger .. show full overview
The Ditch Sitch
Episode overview
The crew gets their first ping on their new creature-helping app! A dried up jellyfish-type creature has been discovered at a construction site, and the anti-creature contractor wants it GONE.
Tales from the Fox's Tails
Episode overview
When a mysterious creature keeps stealing people’s prized possessions, the crew discovers the Nine-Tailed Fox, a trickster rooted in Chinese lore.
Yi's LiLi-est Fan
Episode overview
While Everest is going through some typical teenager growing pains, a welcome distraction comes in the form of LiLi, an adorable nine-year-old who’s positively obsessed with Yi, Everest, and the crew’s pursuits.
Episode overview
Superstar-level mania sets in when the renowned and prosperity-brining creature Qilin appears in front of Yi’s building.
Shack Attack
Episode overview
The crew tracks down the source of the havoc-wreaking robot “Qilin” and winds up trapped by Mr. Lung, the Minticon-using candymaker who disappeared in Season 1.
We Meat Again
Episode overview
After their intense battle against Mr. Lung, the Creature Brigade disbands, leaving Yi and Everest as the remaining creature helpers.
A Hair-ifying Night
Episode overview
Our crew heads out of the city to reconnect with nature at a once-popular campsite, now deserted and in ruins owing to the urban legend of Yeren: a huge, hairy man who escaped from clown school as the tale goes.
Please Hold for the Next Representative
Episode overview
Yi and the crew are overrun with pings from humans who are frustrated by creatures they now live alongside. Just when they think they’ve solved one issue, another springs up – and then that original one pops up again too!
Please Hold While We Connect You
Episode overview
In the wake of the previous episode, the magical creatures have all vanished and the world at large has gone gray. Desperate to fix things, the crew travels to the Magical Realm to .. show full overview