Everywhere I Go

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You Are Everywhere 1
Episode overview
Demir and Selin, who are stubborn as goats, are forced to live together in the same house. As if this was not enough, events would become inevitable when one came to the company where the other worked as a manager.
You Are Everywhere 2
Episode overview
While Selin and Demir struggle to become the sole owner of the house, Firuze and Leyla invite them to dinner in search of a common solution. In the company, the first stage of Operation .. show full overview
You Are Everywhere 3
Episode overview
Selin and Demir, who went to the police station to complain about the thief, are in custody. Firuze and Leyla set up a new plan to bring Selin and Demir together, who could not share the .. show full overview
I Want to Trust
Episode overview
Yıldırım's archiving of the Artemim team leads to a big crisis in the company. Demir, who asks the responsible of the crisis, asks Selin to make a difficult decision. Firuze and Leyla .. show full overview
Don't Leave Me
Episode overview
While planning the new leg of the Operation Cheetah, the team caught in Demir shakes cold sweat to save the situation and they decide to speed things up. Alara's surprise visit to the .. show full overview
You Are
Episode overview
While Demir is supporting Selin, who is in a difficult situation against his family, Selin sees the difficulties he has endured for himself and his ideas about Demir begin to change. .. show full overview
You Were Right
Episode overview
Under the weight of his lies, Selin is crushed again by Demir. Selin, who seeps more of her conscience, prepares to confess everything. As the emotions rise between Demir and Selin, the .. show full overview
If We Are Together
Episode overview
On her birthday, Selin sweat to keep secrets about Demir and meets a dangerous guest. Hearing that she has learned the secrets of Alara, Demir takes action. As Selin and Demir get .. show full overview
Will You Go?
Episode overview
Demir learns that the woman Vedat likes is Selin, he is very angry with Selin who caused this by lying and sees the presentation in Paris as an opportunity to get away. Selin, who cannot .. show full overview
You Are Everywhere
Episode overview
While Demir and Selin settle down about the trip to Paris, they stick to Alara's two-day vacation plan. But this time the whole company is invited. In the holiday, where everyone brings .. show full overview
Love is Forbidden
Episode overview
When Demir and Selin find their way to love, they soon encounter their first tests. The ban on love in the company forces Demir to choose between his principles and feelings. While Demir .. show full overview
It's Hard to be Without You
Episode overview
While all the secrets were spilled, Demir's reaction was a big shock to Selin. Enraged by Selin's sadness, Burak plays a big gamble. While trying to regain control of his life, Demir .. show full overview
Secret Admirer
Episode overview
As Artemim is divided into two separate companies, Demir gradually loses power. Selin, who confesses her love to Demir, tries to win him back, but Demir wants to keep his distance. As .. show full overview
I Fell in Love
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.
I'm Here With You
Episode overview
Shaken by the unexpected arrival of Eylül, Demir is confronted with his past and tries to prevent the reflection of this situation on his relationship with Selin. Seeing the distress of .. show full overview
I Can't Stand It
Episode overview
Selin's fear of losing puts Demir in trouble. Selin and Demir, who want to live the today, are planning to spend their weekends at home. However, several surprises await them. When Merve .. show full overview
You Are Everywhere
Episode overview
It is an unpleasant surprise for Demir to meet Eylül at home, but Eylül discovers that the woman in Demir's life is Selin. Demir warns Eylül to stay away from Selin. Merve has a big .. show full overview
The State of Being Without You
Episode overview
While Selin tries to get to know Eylul, Demir is most worried about it. While Selin gets closer to Eylul, Burak confronts Demir. Demir, who is about to lose everything, seizes another .. show full overview
Understand Me
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.
Loving a Lot
Episode overview
Selin leaves home to digest what she has learned and starts to stay on Ayda. Demir is left alone with the support of his friends. Selin and Demir, who cannot stay together and keep in .. show full overview
It is Beautiful When it is With You
Episode overview
Demir leaves the house and takes action to solve all problems. Increasing his weight in the company increases the tension between Burak and causes him to react again against Demir. .. show full overview
The Voice of My Heart
Episode overview
Everyone is mad at Burak due to the encounter at Eylul's house. Demir takes a radical decision to finally fix the problems with Selin completely and sets new rules. Selin will do his .. show full overview
Episode 23
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.