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The Return - Joining Forces
Episode overview
Professor X summons the team to reassemble to rescue a fellow mutant in Japan in the opener of the anime series following the adventures of a group of superheroes.
U-Men - Mutant Hunting
Episode overview
The X-Men learn of a second mutant kidnapping, and they step into the trap of an anti-mutant group.
Armor - Awakening
Episode overview
Professor X runs tests on Emma Frost out of concern for her safety after learning that the mutants that were captured by the U-Men are forming secondary powers.
Transformation - Secondary Mutation
Episode overview
Emma Frost joins the X-Men; Hisako begins training; Professor X probes Emma Frost's mind to explore her past.
Power - Unity
Episode overview
The X-Men return to Japan to probe the site where mysterious secondary mutations have occurred.
Conflict - Contested
Episode overview
An unknown foe rises as Wolverine, Storm and Beast investigate the Blackbird.
Betrayal - Shock
Episode overview
The X-Men battle a giant monster that turns out to be a transformed research assistant.
Lost - Omen
Episode overview
Yui's experimental drug fails to stop the mutant gene from awakening.
Revelations - Mastermind
Episode overview
The X-Men best Hedgehog and follow Marsh and Mastermind deeper into Yui's laboratory.
Countdown - Truth
Episode overview
Marsh traps Emma Frost, Hisako and Yui; Neuron subdues Wolverine and Beast; Hisako reflects on a mutant who went into hiding.
Revenge - The End
Episode overview
Professor X summons the X-Men to protect humanity as the world is on the brink of destruction.
Destiny - Bond
Episode overview
On the brink of world destruction, Charles reaches out to all the X-Men, other mutants and heroes around the world asking them to support one another and protect humanity.